QWERTY Sofa Bed Concept Inspired by the Computer Keyboard

The current work of Italian architecture and design studio ZO_loft  is QWERTY SOFA, a creative sofa bed concept, which draw attention thanks to its cool design very similar to the well known image of the computer’s keyboard. While maybe many of us experienced an uncomfortable resting place on the keyboard at some point, after long hours in front of the computer, designers from ZO_loft wanted to bring “a pinch of irony in our daily life” and imagined a  furniture piece especially for relaxing that features an unconventional surface: individually adjustable “keys”.


What does this mean exactly? Well, the sleek-looking QWERTY Keyboard Sofa can be configurated to suit any number of sitting positions thanks to micro electric motors that adapt the height of every single cushion (key) to your everyday life’s needs using a remote control. It can be used as a comfortable sofa or you can easily enable its bed function. So, the separate cushions that are linked to a stainless steel frame allow through specific sections to add some extra back support, or to create a prop to lay your head on or a makeshift table for a laptop. Its unexpected design with the keyboard motif captivates you and it’s simple presence add personality and originality to any room. Do you like it?




Photos © ZO-loft


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