Tips for Finding Your Bedroom Style

We’ve thought recently which should be the most comfortable room in the entire home and the answer we found is: the bedroom. Why? Because bedroom is the place where every day our mind and body recover, contributing to a better health during our lifetime, a place to keep books and a lamp to set the mood. That’s why, there’s no wonder that choosing a comfy bed along with soft linen goes hand in hand with creating the right ambient which induce relaxation and rest.

A bedroom should have enough storage to keep your clothes sorted and enough personality to keep you inspired. Designing your retreat is very individual and your personal style dictates how it should look like such a place. Whether you like elegant, traditional style, cozy, down-to-earth-country one, artful, bohemian interiors, vintage ones or you prefer a clean, minimalist style, nowadays you can accomplish any wish you have in terms of bedroom interior design. Here are some bedroom designs that help you find what style is working for you.

An open, airy bedroom that mixes antique style with gorgeous architectural details is all about balance. Few accessories, a beautiful custom designed bed perfect for sleep, an overdyed floral rug that add texture to the scheme, white paneled walls, intrincate antique chandelier and a wonderful wrought-iron balcony create a traditional chic look.


Photo © Rachael Boling; Linda McDougald Design

Combining textures and juxtaposing them cleverly can transform a simple space into a one-of-a-kind luxurious bedroom. Clean lines, sheer curtains, twisted high gloss tables, furry blanket and rug, all in a cool white color scheme create a contemporary look that makes the bed with black leather headboard and art painting pop against  the wall and add a sexy masculine feel. Pastels touches soften the dramatic black and white combination and together with the beauty of the light fixture that seems to capture the essence of this dreamy bedroom, set up a space of a versatile and elegant style.


Photo © Imagine Living

A warm color scheme with bold splashes and wood furniture create a sophisticated feminine look in a modern bohemian bedroom. Art, layered fabrics, shoes on display, chandelier, which does not necessarily fit together, are strong signpost of the bohemian style, while clean lines and matching nightstand lamps are clearly modern touches.


Photos © Elizabeth Cb Marsh/Jenkins Baer Associates

Stylish furniture pieces with traditional look, a soothing color palette combined with a cozy reading area in the front of a fireplace embellished with stone infuse a large French country bedroom with incomparable warmth and inviting atmosphere. Everything blends in sophisticated yet unstudied harmony, highlighted by the natural light coming from the bay windows dressed in a beautiful way with mustard and light blue curtains grouped.


Photo © Rob Karosis; Crisp Architects

Minimalism doesn’t mean a lack of style or uncomfortable room. Less visual noise, clean and simple design with limited color palettes is the style’s secret. Light wood cabinetry and floor beautifully contrasting with white color scheme of walls, linen and lampshades add a contemporary feel to a modern space, creating an airy retreat with a great view. The clutter is eliminated and everything seems in its place.


Photo © Kailey J. Flynn Photography

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