5 Extraordinary Decor Tips Only Top-Notch Designers Will Talk About


It is funny, and relatively healthy, that even before you buy a house, what lingers into your mind all day long and stays in your dreams at night, is how unique and how you want both the interior and exterior to be. Decorating a house is exciting, whether newly bought or has stayed for decades. You know, the butterflies you get in your stomach every time you see a new decor idea popping up on TV, an article or at your friend’s home, then you wish your own could have been precisely the same.” 

The truth is, however, the decoration is not a walk in the park. It calls for a certain level of creativity and a deep understanding of the same. So, before you get some sketchy ‘designer ‘ who will authentic turn your expectations into the exact antithesis and kill your dreams. Take away these five rare tips with you and surprise everyone with your uniqueness! 

  1. Play around with different patterns

Who said the bedroom should be purple from the wall to everything in it? I bet you’d find it annoying, and so does all lovers of beauty. Owning an all-white bedroom is almost everyone’s dream. It’s perfect. But, what do you think about arranging pillows of throwing on blankets with different Patterns on the bed? Or having your dressing mirror framed in the simple zebra pattern? Awesome, right? 

  1. Use bold colors in hallways 

Do not ignore that space in the hallway where there’s nearly nothing. Its emptiness is a plus to the purpose it is about to serve. Depending on what colors you love, paint the hallway in a different outstanding color, but make sure you do not over-break the rules. If your living room, for instance, is cream pink, you can paint the hallway deep pink and beautiful art on the wall. Fortunately, framed wall art Australia sells all types of stunning canvas designs you may wish to have. 

  1. Bring nature indoors 

You can only imagine the effect wooden branches, real flowers, or some green leaves will bring to your living room. Carefully placed on a shelf at your favorite spot in the house, near the television stand or on your living room and table. Could there be anything better? Nature doesn’t necessarily restrict you to greens alone. No, you can also bring in marine life by petting some beautiful fish. 

  1. Blend old and new

Having your home look entirely modern, or too much in the past is boring. It is more than creative to have a 1970s dining room and a 21st-century kitchen and living room, with some touch of what’s between the two periods in the bedroom. Either way, you can retouch old furniture to look modern. The originality remains. 

  1. Switch up and change colors

Do not fear to be bored of one theme year in, year out. Once in a while, repaint the house with a different color, take away the vase from the table and switch it with collectibles from the shelf, rearrange your wall art, or replace them with fabric wallpapers. No limitations! 


In as much as the decor is fantastic, your comfort can not be traded for it. Please never buy something that affects you either health-wise or financially. When purchasing wall art, make sure it’s made of original materials and is durable. A legit company to contact is the framed wall art Australia. 


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