Ways To Add Japanese Style To Your Home

Japan has a unique style when it comes to home decor. Thousands of years of tradition have influenced their interior design aesthetic. Here are some ways you can bring a little bit of zen into your home.

Bring in Nature

A big part of Japanese culture is love and respect for nature. What better way to respect nature than to bring it into your home?

The addition of traditional Japanese plants such as bonsai and bamboo plants is one way of doing this. In general, Japanese homes don’t tend to have colorful or extravagant plants. For the simple, balanced aesthetic, keep it simple with natural green.

Another interesting way the Japanese like to bring nature into their homes is by having big open windows. Of course, this depends on the view of the window. However, if there is a picturesque view, then an open window is like showcasing a piece of the scenery. It’s almost like having your own ukiyo-e painting hanging on the wall!


When it comes to any style of a home, the decoration is the key factor in how you make it your own. Decor can come in all different forms of shapes and sizes. Japanese decor can be very unique.

One of the biggest additions you can probably make is the shoji. These are screens used to conceal different rooms, mostly bedrooms, and save space.

However, not all Western homes are designed to accommodate a shoji screen. In that case, you can also decorate the home with traditional Japanese objects. One method is to display Japanese style swords, like the Katana sword, around the home. Katana swords are associated with Samurai tradition. Many Japanese hang these swords on a wall or display them proudly elsewhere.


Most traditional Japanese homes use tatami mats. These are thick straw mats that are one by two meters in size. Once only a luxury for the wealthy, now they can be found in the majority of Japanese houses. They are so common that rooms are measured by how many tatami mats can fit into it.

Soaking Tub

This one might not seem as easy to go out and buy for your home, but they have been around for centuries in Japanese homes. Large soaking tubs are very important in Japanese culture.

These tubs help to cleanse the body and soul – a great way to bring that ‘zen’ feel into your home. The sound of the water can help you meditate and make you feel calm.

Before you think it, these tubs are not the same as your bathtub you may have at home now. They are much deeper and come with built-in seats, so you can sit upright and be fully immersed.

Minimalist Approach

If you didn’t already know, Japanese homes are not filled with clutter. They are kept very simple. This doesn’t mean you can’t have home luxuries. It just means everything in the home needs a place or a purpose. Sleek horizontal lines with neutral colors and tones create a sense of balance and calm.


The big windows and minimalist clutter also help rooms fill up with natural lighting. As well as big windows, skylights are a big help to achieve natural lighting.

When the natural light has gone traditional Japanese lanterns or dim lamps will work well with the natural wooden furniture. Lighting should be modern and angular.


All of these little touches can help you achieve a Japanese style and make your home feel more cultural and calm. Remember to keep all rooms simple and minimalist with natural wooden furniture, green plants and think as the Japanese people do – less is more.


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