3 Bedroom Design Ideas with a Queen Mattress

Decorating a bedroom can be an uplifting experience and a challenge at the same time! Especially if you want to arrange a comfy space around a Queen-sized bed, as it’s not the smallest size out there.

But don’t worry!

There are at least three design ideas with a Queen mattress, so get ready to turn your bedroom into your sleep sanctuary!

#1 For a Small Bedroom: Use Every Inch!

Small rooms are typically the most difficult to decorate. Since the standard Queen-sized bed measures 60 x 80 inches, it can eat almost all the space if your bedroom is less than 10 x 10 feet. But with these recommendations, you can still make the most of your space:

  • Place the storage area under the bed. Some platform beds or regular slatted foundations can give you up to 10 inches of under-bed area, so use it for storing your things. Remember that clutter is the biggest enemy of small rooms and can make them look even tinier! Also, you can maximize your storage space with shelves and drawers, especially if you have high ceilings and can ‘stack’ the furniture atop each other.
  • Choose a suitable mattress. If you pair your high-profile bed frame with a high-profile mattress, the height of your bed might become uncomfortable. To avoid that, measure your bed frame and choose a suitable Queen-sized mattress based on those measurements. 
  • Choose a minimalistic color palette. The surrounding space is as important as the bed itself. Using too many different colors and textures can feel pretty much the same as the actual mess in the bedroom, so try to stick to simple colors with a couple of bright accents.

#2 For a Narrow Bedroom: Zoning Is Your Best Friend!

Narrow bedrooms with high ceilings are more common in apartment blocks rather than in houses, but they also require some arrangement to look great.

And since narrow rooms may share the drawbacks of the small bedrooms, you can use the aforementioned recommendations, only with a few adjustments, such as:

  • Use tall and ‘skinny’ furniture. Everything should be made in harmony, and if your room’s proportions are initially imbalanced, you should bring them back to order. In the case with narrow rooms, utilizing wall and ceiling space is key. Choose a canopy bed or a bed frame with a tall, decorated headboard and opt for high drawers and stacked bookshelves around it.
  • Zone your space. A narrow and long bedroom can be easily turned into a multifunctional location with a working spot or a corner for leisure time, in addition to the sleeping zone. 
  • Play with the light. Narrow spaces give you limitless options for playing with different light sources to create a cozy ambiance. Place a lamp for reading and create soft accents on the walls — your bedroom doesn’t have to be too bright. And don’t forget to include a separate switch for each light source so that you can use only the ones you need.

#3 For a Standard Bedroom: Bring In Your Vibe!

Even though our bedroom is where we lie with our eyes closed, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Unleash your creative energy and make your bedroom more sleep-friendly with these tips:

  • Add some drapery. Curtains do not just make your bedroom cozier. They can also muffle the sounds coming from outside, thus reducing your sleep disturbances.
  • Use calming colors. The color of the walls in your bedroom can really impact the quality of your sleep. According to the Travelodge survey, which looked at 2,000 British homes, blue tones contribute to the most refreshing shut-eye and might make you feel happier upon awakening.
  • Don’t skimp on linens. Your mattress can be the most comfortable thing on a planet, but bedding matters too. In fact, good bedding can really upgrade your sleeping experience to a whole new level. Plus, well-made linens look incredibly cozy.

And remember this: 

Your comfort has nothing to do with the pictures from design magazines. Just do what makes you happy and resonates with you.


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