Full Body Massage Chair Basics

When it comes to the quality of life, nothing takes center stage quite like therapies. And one of the best therapies you can use to relax your muscles and relieve pain is massage therapy. With massage therapy, you can do away with things like backaches, shoulder problems, and neck pain. Plus, you can count on message therapy to improve blood circulation, maintain proper posture, and deal with depression.  

Message therapy is particularly important for desk workers who spend long hours at work. Of course, you might think that office work isn’t that physical. However, long hours at work can manifest pain on your neck, shoulder, as well as the back. To avoid common posture-related ailments, switch work positions, use proper neck rests, do regular exercises, and maintain proper positions. However, the most effective way to keep these ailments at bay is a massage. This resource from The Chair Institute will help you get the best unit on the market.

Available Features

Massage chairs are often outfitted with numerous features to choose from. Some are uniquely designed to target pressure points all over your body with rolling, pressing, and swaying movements. On the other hand, certain models offer Swedish massages hat to utilize light intensity kneading movements. And finally, there are some zero-gravity chairs that recline to a zero-gravity position before delivering the massage.

Try out different chairs to find out which provides the best experience for you. Massage chairs are often designed to cater to various parts of the body and it’s therefore imperative to figure out the parts of your body that need special attention and purchase a chair that’s perfectly suited to those areas. For instance, if you want an intense foot massage, go for a chair that incorporates foot massagers. And if you experience severe pain in your neck or shoulder area, then invest in a chair that focusses on relieving pain in those areas.

Budget is Important

Purchasing a massage chair is a huge investment. They often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on several factors including the available features, design, the manufacturing company, as well as the type of material utilized.

Generally speaking, high-end chairs packed with advanced features such as expanding airbags, top-quality leather, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and USB ports can cost you over $5,000. However, you shouldn’t let those prices to scare you away- massage chairs are worth the investment. There’s always the option to sacrifice certain luxurious in-built features like USB ports and music players so as to cut down on the chair’s overall cost. It’s important to note that such additional features come at an extra cost, so if you’re working under a strict budget, only stick to the required design capabilities.


Massage chairs are generally huge and bulky. And you can’t, therefore, tuck them anywhere. Because they’re mainly for personal use, placing them in your living room, office, or bedroom makes a lot of sense. Most manufacturers have dedicated their effort towards creating aesthetically appealing chairs that’ll definitely complement your room’s overall décor- but only if you make the right choice.

Aside from their bulky shape and size, massage chairs also feature head and foot recliners, which makes it had to place them near walls or at the corner. Before purchasing one, ensure that you measure your room correctly and determine how much space you’re going to set aside for the chair. Otherwise, you may end up buying a massage chair that’s too big to fit in your office or living room. And this could be extremely disappointing.

Certain massage chairs have wheels so they can simply be moved around. So, you can always keep them at a different place when they aren’t in use and easily move them to a spacious area when you’re ready to have a massage.


Massage chairs often comprise of several moving parts, wiring, as well as computer components- so, things can sometimes go wrong. And considering the amount of money you might have to spend on your chair, you’ll definitely want something efficient and durable.

If you’re going to practice regularly, ensure that you purchase a robust, heavy-duty chair. Of course, you may have to pay more money for a durable chair, but it’s worth the investment. It’s better to buy a quality chair the first time than to end up regretting having bought a cheap and passable design that quickly needs to be repaired or even replaced. Plus, this could end up breaking your bank and frustrating your wellness efforts. So, be proactive and purchase exactly what you need for your health and relaxation.

Because of their size and weight, it’s usually a formidable and costly ordeal repairing a massage chair. So, be keen to purchase a chair featuring modular designs. If a part of this chair gets broken, you can just take it out and send it for repair without necessarily having to ship the entire chair. Sounds amazing, right?


Before making any purchase, check how long the brand’s warranty lasts and what it’s intended to cover. At very minimum, ensure that they cover labor, parts, and a minimum of 30 days unconditional cash back guarantee. Such comprehensive warranties plus cashback opportunities show that the company believes in is the product’s performance and durability.

Also, make sure that you have the company’s contact information. This will allow you to communicate with them in case a problem arises. It’s always important to have someone reliable to answer your queries or concerns about your massage chair. Most often, companies that manufacture and sell high-quality products provide toll-free numbers or live chat services for resolving customer concerns.


Looking for an effective way to relieve those annoying neck or back pains? Well, massage chairs have got you covered. They’re uniquely designed to provide exceptional comfort and relaxation while also soothing those disturbing aches. Plus, they come in varied designs and models- there’s always something good for everyone. All you have to do is to evaluate your needs and purchase a massage chair that will deliver exactly what you’re looking for.


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