What Uses More Electricity: AC Or A Fan?

It is known to everyone that AC keeps the room cool in a wonderful way. If you want to get relief from the hot summer, then AC has no alternative. But Fan also can be the ultimate solution for eradicating hot temperatures from home. So, it’s your choice to afford either a fan or AC. If we look at the price, AC costs more than a fan. On the other hand, a question arises “what uses more electricity: AC or Fan?”

So, we need to dig into the real scenario to calculate what costs more energy power.

Air Conditioning vs. Fans: What Costs More Energy Bill? 

Since the summer is heating the homes all around the way, you may want to get the cheaper solution then you should stick to us till the end of this article. 

Though the ACs are the best solution for keeping the homes cool. But you can get the coolest sensation like AC if you have one of the best cooling fans for room in your home. Well, both AC and fan do the same job unless you think about the economic costs that they make you pay. 

One of the New York Times reports declared about the energy and cost are being used for AC and Fans.

  • The central AC needs 3 KW for 1 hour and costs 36 cents.
  • The window AC needs 1.2 KW energy power per hour and costs 14 cents.
  • And the ceiling fan needs 30 watts only for 1 hour and costs 1 cent per hour. 

So, this is the real scenario where we can measure what AC and fan cost per hour in terms of energy power and bill. We can easily determine that an AC is costing 99% more energy power and bill than a fan.  

If you live in a place where it’s too hot like near the dessert then you must need to keep your AC turned on. In those cases, you can keep the fans running on along with the AC. Hence, the fan’s air will push the cooler air down the room and make the people cool instantly. So, you can raise the thermostat power below 4 degrees. 

Therefore, if you use only AC for a summer that will make you pay more energy bills than fans. 

Since a fan doesn’t cool down the room, it cools down the people. Just like the light, you can turn it off down when there is no one in the room. Fan only triggers out evaporation from the skin and able to make you feel 8 degrees cooler than the real temperature. But AC keeps the room cool and needs to stay running on to keep the room cooler.

Last Words: 

From the price to energy bills, AC always costs a lot from your pocket. An AC needs to be checked for maintenance frequently whereas a fan hardly needs any maintenance check. So, it’s high time to decide whether you want to make yourself profitable both economically and environmentally. 


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