5 Factors All Homebuyers Should Consider

Buying a home is a momentous occasion that some people wait their whole lives for. Having a place you can call your own is gives you a sense of place and security, but finding the perfect residential space is no easy endeavor.

Enlist the help of an agent early on in the process. That’s the biggest piece of advice the Del Mar real estate team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has for buyers. Working with a buyer agent will give you access to information you wouldn’t otherwise have and can make it easier to getting a showing. Plus, the seller is paying the commission fees so you get this extra help for free.

An agent can also help you manage distractions and focus on the factors that matter most. The list of factors is unique for each homebuyer; however, there are some points that come into play during every home search.


No matter how the markets change, location is always going to be the top consideration. The neighborhood you live in doesn’t just affect your housing options. It has a dramatic impact on your entire life. Studies have found that your neighborhood can affect your health, how you age and personality. The stressors within the immediate environment can impact everyone in the household regardless of age.

Identify your ideal location first and foremost. Select a few neighborhoods and direct the bulk of your search to those areas. Remember, you can bulldoze and rebuild a house, but you can’t change its location.

The 80% House

Countless homebuyers have missed the opportunity to get a fantastic house because of a few small hangups that kept it from being absolutely perfect. The truth is no home is going to be perfect unless you design a home yourself. Even brand new speck homes probably aren’t going to be exactly what you pictured in your mind.

A real estate industry rule of thumb is to carefully consider any home that’s 80% perfect or higher as long as it’s in the right location and meets your general needs.

Lifestyle Suitability

A home may be beautiful and well-designed, but that doesn’t mean it fits your lifestyle. Any parent with small children understands the importance of a home that suits how you live. They’re looking for a laundry room right down the hall and an oversized dishwasher. A young professional may be looking for a home that’s already set up for connectivity and smart devices.

As you look at homes imagine yourself living in the space. Think about what you do on a day-to-day basis and how easy or difficult it may be in the home. If the design, layout, etc. is more of a hindrance than a help it’s not the right home for your lifestyle.

Good Schools

Parents and real estate investors know the importance of good schools, but they focus on them for very different reasons. All parents want their kids to get a good education, so school ratings are often a top priority. But even buyers without children should pay attention to the ratings because it can affect property values.

In general, the better the schools are the more likely the area is to hold value and appreciate. Your real estate agent can tell you which schools serve an area, how the schools have performed on state tests and the overall rating compared to other schools in the district.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Some people love tackling projects around the house in their spare time while others don’t even own a tool set. A home is just like a car. It needs maintenance and upkeep to stay in top condition.

The age of the home is going to be a factor, but the construction and how well it’s been maintained also plays a role. Some types of property, such as a townhome, can also minimize some of the exterior maintenance. Many buyers prefer to have a home that isn’t going to be a pain to maintain. As a result, some buyers are now shying away from oversized homes simply because they don’t want the extra upkeep and maintenance. Ultimately, it’s up to each buyer to determine how much maintenance and upkeep they’re willing to put into a home.


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