5 Home Design Styles to Consider

The first step for many people in figuring out how to design their home is knowing what’s out there and what kind of design they actually like.

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If this is your first home, the first place where you’ve lived that you’re able to arrange it exactly to suit your taste, you may be uncertain of what exactly your taste is. One of the categories below may appeal to you. You can look at photos online of rooms that fall into these categories to get a better sense of the aesthetic.


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If minimalism appeals to you along with materials like steel and glass or you like clean black and white lines, a modern style may be the way to go. Modern design can go from sleek and elegant to stark, which is fine if you like stark, but you can also soften up some of that industrial feel with softer accents, such as textured rugs or pillows. A contemporary approach is also terrific if you want to add an unexpected feature, such as a home lift for convenience or better accessibility. You can get super stylish lifts for the home that will fit in well with this look.


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If you like things simple and clean but contemporary designs feel a little too cold for you, Scandinavian might suit you better. The look is still on the minimalist side, but it’s warmer, with lots of natural wood and textiles. Scandinavian design often uses neutral or darker colors but makes use of natural light as well. Furniture tends to be practical, and it often contains clever built-in storage compartments. There may also be a number of green plants for accent.


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If you love the looks of the past, this may be the one for you. Vintage is not necessarily about recreating any particular time period but about mixing and matching pieces for an eclectic yet old-fashioned look. There are different directions you could go with a vintage approach. You might want to aim for a 50s look, or your tastes may run more to the old and elegant. You may be able to find some great deals on furniture and accessories at yard sales, thrift shops and estate sales.

Midcentury Modern

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Inspired by the furniture and aesthetic of the mid-20th century, midcentury modern is hugely popular, so much so that it can be difficult to find bargain pieces. You might think about this as an approach that blends several of the above approaches in that it tends to be simple and functional but also unabashedly retro.


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There are many variations of the country look. You might be going for a Western cabin design with a lot of dark wood, or you may be inspired by rustic farmhouses. At the other end of the spectrum is French country, which is still rustic but also has gentler, more refined touches and light colors. You could also have a country cottage look, with delicate floral wallpaper, decorative lace on the windows and comfortable furniture.


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