5 Ideas for Real Estate Agents for Marketing Luxury Homes

The real estate industry is dynamic. The professional real estate agent must have a complete overview of the local market and access to all home listings.

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But do you think only these two factors will aid real estate agents in today’s digital times? Right, no! There is much more you need as an agent to drive your success and enable your real estate business to thrive.

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A real estate business owner allows individuals to form bonds and communities if they opt for effective marketing strategies. So, what are they? And how can real estate marketing can seamlessly bring in qualified buyers to boost the prospects for luxury properties? This article will discuss how real estate business owners can expand their audience reach and capture a larger share of the market to sell exquisite abodes.

What Can Real Estate Agents Do To Sell Their Luxury Homes?

The luxury home demand surged from the mid-2020s and is expected to continue until 2022. Moreover, many shreds of evidence aid the sustainability of booming residential demand. 

Not only in India but countries all across the globe witnessed the rise in prices and buyers’ interest in luxury homes. Moreover, the competition has increased in national and international popular cities such as London, Sydney, Florida, New York, Mumbai, etc.

The pandemic has fueled the demand for luxury homes and encouraged people to come out of densely populated cities and move to suburbs or outskirts to enjoy more personal space and live a healthy, quality life. Isn’t it?

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So, what does it mean? It implies that real estate business owners have the upside and scope to make millions. They need to focus on what marketing strategy they opt for to set them apart from the fierce competition. Don’t worry; we will let you know the compelling marketing ideas to propel your business forward and make it future-proof.

Listed below are the unique ideas that will expedite the process of finding a perfect buyer for your luxury home in 2022:

1. Create a Compelling Real Estate Social Media Profile and Website

Are you looking to find perfect buyers for your extravagant homes? There are many avenues your customers are already searching for before getting engaged with your real estate company. They will want all the information about your company’s background, what services you offer, and how they can contact you. Tell them what makes you unique, and stand out amongst your competitors.

It is imperative to showcase all his information to your prospects and let them know how they can reap the benefits of being connected to your real estate company. 

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You also need the real estate social media profiles, which are essential to build awareness, improve credibility, generate quality leads and empower your brand with complete control over the information you share on your real estate profile. 

Additionally, it becomes integral in letting you build trustworthiness among potential clients. You can also optimize your real estate company’s profile across different channels. It will enable you to keep track of your firm’s reputation earned by posting multiple videos while flaunting your incredible luxury homes, allowing viewers to see all relevant information under one roof.

2. Video Marketing

In the world of such fierce competition, do you know what makes you stand out in the crowd? The simple answer is through video marketing. Appealing visual content charms potential buyers. So, use the power of video to expand your audience reach and draw the attention of more users.

Producing video to showcase your prospects with virtual open home visits, designed with captivating AR/VR virtual technology, flaunting your neighborhood, IDX listings, and much more will help you explain your luxury home’s perks explicitly.

Creating impressive videos and promoting your exclusive real estate luxury homes through short video clips with the help of real estate video marketing tool.

Many brands worldwide witnessed that videos generate more social shares and engagement than textual and image content. They are fun and heartwarming to watch if they engage the audience with humor and emotion. Such video content marketing work wonders for your brand. So, do not judge and ignore the strength of video content. If it clicks out, then this strategy might surprise you.

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3. List Slightly Below the Market Value

One of the recommended strategies that help real estate business owners is to engage the prospects to your property listings and increase the number of queries. It will encourage multiple bids that prove to work best in the real estate market by increasing your house/property demand. 

The low prices for your home will attract more buyers and raise the stakes of the competition for a perfect home. Moreover, it will also help you sell your house swiftly. Always remember, listing luxury homes at higher prices than your competitors will not let you bring-in buyers. Instead, you will lose them. However, if you list a luxury property for sale with a slight dip below the market price, this will cast a wider share of qualified buyers.

Keeping the prices low for your luxury house is ideal for selling a newly remodeled home and encourages buyers to make higher offers/bids. In some cases, where a specific property is in demand, you can still stir up competition that could launch a bidding war.

4. Integrate Direct Email Strategy With Instagram

Instagram and email marketing, is it surprising to hear these two words together? These two strategies create a robust business establishment and boost your business results.

The question is how to create a perfect blend of Instagram and Email marketing? Encouraging your contacts to subscribe to emails, giving your contact information via link in the email & Instagram feeds, and featuring User Generated Content in the email are ways to blend email and Instagram. The direct email strategy will give you full control over the message you want to convey to your prospects and help you find new clients for your property. 

5. Create a Digital Storybook

Creating a digital storybook is one of the most effective real estate marketing ideas that nurture leads by offering relevant information to your target audience and maintaining a sense of delight throughout your prospect’s journey. The digital storybook is immersive, dynamic, and constraining, especially when featured with perfect background music.

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Once your digital storybook is prepared, do not forget to share them on Facebook and Instagram. You can opt for the story option to upload your property listings’ digital storybook on these social media platforms, which is an informal way of sharing content. It only exists for 24 hours. The best part is that there is no need to plan for posting something in a story; instead, it lets you take action immediately and yield instant results. 

You can also create a story highlight to make it viewable for longer than a day. They are attention-seeking, and their substantial visibility engages potential clients and increases brand awareness, which builds up sales. This marketing effort enables your real estate company to capture a broader market share.

Final Thoughts

These five incredible real estate marketing ideas will enable your real estate business to reach enormous success if incorporated with a robust strategy. 

So, contemplate the ideas discussed above and work on them to resonate with your target audiences. Good luck with all your future endeavors!


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