5 Modern Types of Sauna Design

If you want to do something for your health, to unwind and feel good, being in shape and heart to throb? Then a personal sauna is the best thing for you! The sauna is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat of sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these facilities, and other auxiliary facilities. These features come from the Finnish sauna.  Metaphorically, one can use the term to describe the sauna and hot and humid environment unusual. Note that a sauna bath is called kylpy (sauna refers to the room where the bathroom is not the process itself).Finnish sauna type (generally 70-80C), but can vary from 60 to 120C and steam are the most common forms of sweat baths. In many cultures meet close equivalent, such as in North America – sweat lodge, the Turks – hammam, the Romans – Thermae, the Aztecs – temescalli, the Mayans – temazcal, the Russians – Banya, in Hebrew – Jewish shvitz at Africans – sifutu in Japan – mush-Buro.

saunaPublic baths, which often contained a steam room were quite common in the 18th century, 19 and early sec.20, the public places where you could go pretty cheap when you do not have the bathroom facilities at home. But these years in the past now  the modern technology revels many types of sauna and all you need is a few feet to your home to install a sauna with all accessories. You can choose from standard sauna to sauna wood beams of your garden, with everything necessary.The sauna is an excellent way to relax. Heat and dry air relaxes muscles and nervous system. Sauna is an effective way to combat stress, providing a healthy method of recovery after a difficult day for work Sauna is an excellent way to relax.
Below I will present some examples of saunas that you can have in your mind when you decide to create your own sauna
right in your home.

1. Steam


2. Wormth




3. Heat

sauna sauna


sauna sauna

4. The Cold method of relaxation


5. Water “sauna-pool”

sauna sauna sauna sauna sauna sauna sauna

Photo source: happysauna


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