5 Types of Charming Handmade Vases

Add elegance and a touch of refinement to everyday life with these  ideas of handmade pottery and glass vases! These vases are the perfect complement to any flower bouquet, adding a fabulous flourish to any table or shelf decoration. If you think ahead to the holidays, they are also a good choice for a present. Take a look at this pictures and tell me your opinion about them.

1. Frances Palmer’s creative vases

Artist Frances Palmer, famous for her vases and pottery, has been making ceramics since 1987. Her handmade ceramics are  functional art – dishware or vases that can be used on a daily basis. I selected a few unique beautiful examples of vases from her online collections. France’s Palmer’s work is available in white earthenware, terra cotta for the garden and translucent high fire porcelain. All work is produced by the artist herself in her Connecticut studio. I love the simple elegance of these vases inspired by her huge flower cutting garden and their presentation is awesome.

2. Juliska’s delicately patterned glass vases

Juliska is a dynamic, design-led company committed to bringing elegant European design to your modern homes. They have an extensive collections of glassware, ceramics, linens, lighting and flatware updated to suit today’s demanding lifestyles. These vases are festooned with berries and garlands to pair with your prettiest blooms and are strong enough to use everyday. Their patterned glass catches light and give a spectral elegance to the table.

3. Emilia Ceramics’ distinctive vases

Emilia Ceramics make functional art with style and a sense of purpose. They work selectively with local artists in Spain, Italy, France and Mexico, who are  thinking, designing sophisticated pieces with realistic imagery and brighter colors adding accent modern homes. Even though they are simply painted in black and white, blue and white,  filled with fresh flowers or just standing alone, these ceramic vases are  beautiful and distinctive ceramics. Every piece is made by hand, have small-scale productions, and export minimally.

4. Waylande Gregory Studios’ glazed ceramic  vases

Waylande Gregory was one of the most innovative and prolific American ceramic sculptors of the early twentieth century. Technically, his most direct contributions include the development of methods for the creation of monumental ceramic sculptural works and for revolutionary glazing and processing methods. Part of the debut collection of authentic re-editions, these vases are a special ceramic handpainted pieces with classic simple silouettes and timeless white and gold or turquoise and gold, being artfully glazed with 22k gold-plating and having a matte finish.


5.  Venini’s modern murano vases

Hand blown Italian glass bottle with textured reflection detail. The Venini name is synonomous with great design and quality. Venini embraced Modernism trends in art and architecture with their new designs in elegant shapes and colors. Venini also was known for their use of designers to bring new ideas to Murano.They still produces a beautiful line of art vases, some are classic designs, and some new designs introduced every year. I select some examples for you.