5 Spaces in your home made stunning with Wall Art

One does not always have to refurbish and paint the walls of the house all over again to achieve a variety of appeal. Clever interior designing allows the use of various forms and styles of accessories. Such accessorising is purposeful, calculated and makes your home look gorgeous. 

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There are many spaces you can select to adorn. Following are five such spaces in your home and how you can essentially decorate them according to the requirements. 

  • The Living Room

The living room tends to be the central space of a house, be it entertaining guests or reclining back to relax on your own. Since the living room is the most important place in the house, a large wall painting for living room will leave an excellent impression on the guests. Since this room requires to be comfortable and appealing at the same time, it is important to consider how to arrange the accessories effectively.

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There should be a focal point in the room which arises interest for the viewer. It is around this focus of vision that the rest of the furniture is arranged. One can opt for a variety of accessories based on their functionality as well as aesthetics. If the fireplace is more suitable then your entertainment system, then you should go for it. Modern painting for living room are extremely effective in bringing a sense of movement and enlivenment in the room. Mirrors, shelves and photographs also help in adding dimension to the room by enhancing the height and depth.

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There should be a definite centre to the living room, and it is usually where the couch, the coffee table or the ottoman is settled. Another important consideration that lays the foundation of your living room arrangement is the functionality of the room. You decide on the furnishings and other accessories based on the size, shapes and colours suitable and the number of people who use the room. Proper measurement and calculations creates a balance in the room, with none of the decor becoming either too overwhelming or too minimalistic. Patterns, textures and colours all should blend together to form a cohesive outlook.

  • The Bedroom
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The personal space of the bedroom can be accentuated with a primary base shade of colour. In order to craft a theme, you can use complementing or contrasting colours, and even metallic tones, like those of brass or copper. 

The bed, which of course is the central furniture, can be accessorised with duvets, throws and blankets in order to mould with the texture of the room. You can choose colours, material, patterns and style suitable to the theme and thus, can provide coziness or allure to the outlook. 

The functionality of lighting can also be utilised in order to add glamour to your bedside decor. Decorative table lamps on either side of the bed or wall lights over the head stead are attractive and convenient because you do not have to get off the bed to turn them off.

Mirrors come in a variety of ornate frames and all-glass designs. They can be attached to dressing cabinets or hung on the wall. They serve a decorative as well as utilitarian function. Wall painting for bedroom can be installed in an appropriate place to make the decor more attractive and add a touch of unique individuality. You should choose a piece of artwork that goes well with the theme of your space as well as gives meaning to the atmosphere. 

Floor rugs and carpets provide warmth and comfort to your feet in the cozy environment of the bedroom. Besides, they bring texture and add layers to the style of the interior.

  1. The Dining Room
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The dining room of your house is a space where the entire family gets to come together and have a meal with their loved ones. It is supposed to be a welcoming space that offers comfort, ease and also uplifts the mood. It is imperative to have the walls painted in your chosen colours that define your personality. There are warm shades of blue, trendy mint, soft beige, cheerful yellow and ample others to pick from. Painting decals on the wall is also an amazing DIY idea.

The contemporary fashion of lighting involves unique and wonderful stylised lamps and lights to assure a sophisticated appeal to your dining space. Chandeliers will perhaps never run out of style; other elegant lighting options include cascading bulbs, clusters of hanging lights and intricately styled modern lanterns. Lights serve as effective focal points.

When natural accessories participate in the decor, the interior becomes more well-rounded and refreshing. Potted plants and flowers in the appropriate corners emit a positive soul into the ambience. These pretty, affordable accessories can also be used as centerpieces.

A modern artwork that conveys your message and complements the decor is also an enticing accessory. Paintings usually rightfully steal the light as the focal point in the interior. Depending on the available space, you can either choose one, large canvas or put up a series of medium sized frames.

  1. The Corridors
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There is a tendency to overlook the significance of corridors and hallways in interior designing. However, these transition spaces have impact on the atmosphere as well as the perception of the visitor. 

By using themed accessories across the path, you can provide a greater relevance to the space. It also allows for a sense of travelling as one is guided through the path. You can achieve this by deft lighting, floor mats and other coverings, flower vases, stylised glass accessories which lends transparency and an airy appeal. Putting proper sized furniture in the right space provides purpose to the hallway. There should be ample space to make free movement. You can pick from open shelves, bookcases or low-profile benches. 

Decorating corridors is an excellent chance to make your own gallery of artworks. You can even dare to attain a rotating gallery, by replacing the installed paintings with others you have kept in store. Such creates a sense of change and adds interesting variety for the senses. 

  1. The Kitchen
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The kitchen is the most functional place in your home, which should be arranged conveniently so that accessorising is smooth and not a hindrance. The decor should not interfere with your flow of work and should stick with the theme of the room. 

The items that you use to decorate should be utilitarian. They need to make sense as a natural part of the kitchen. Some displays that look attractive include serving pieces like teapots, platters and trays, pretty dishes, light recipes framed, bowls of fruit and even vintage scales. 

When it comes to the kitchen, you need to be practical. Keeping the space clean is an everyday task. Thus, you should select items that can be easily included in the daily cleaning routine without hassle. Delicate pieces like intricate pots, and framed, handwritten notes should be kept away from grease, grub and water. 

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash


Preparing the plan of your decor needs dedication for you must select the most appropriate and meaningful accessories. Modern interior designing offers an inexhaustible variety of options to choose from. Sketch your ideal space, be inspired and get the splendid decor you want to have. 


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