Windows Replacement in Vancouver: Manufacturers, Products, Prices & Case Study

The vast majority of homeowners in Vancouver want to avoid the drama when it comes to choosing the new windows. They just go with the same exact windows they are used to, even not investigating the modern market. In some cases, this might be a good idea, but what if your current units are not that much of a great match to your house?

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Our team has done comprehensive research and spoke with top experts from Ecoline, a company specialising in window replacement in Vancouver, to find out what the modern window market has to offer. We were surprised to learn much more extra when it comes to windows variety, hardware, glazing and other add-ons. Want to know what the findings are and how they might affect your window preferences? Keep reading.

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Essentials to Know Before Choosing New Windows

When getting new windows, you might be lost in the ocean of information and tiny details you can find or be told by the salesperson, but it is definitely worth your time to learn the following basic things:

  • You might not need to replace all your windows. Usually, there are some signs indicating you need to get new windows. It includes condensation on the inside or outside of the glass, cracked glazing or other defects. But it can be just an issue for one single unit or the frame. You might not need a full-frame replacement but rather a retrofit which is usually cheaper. So do not hesitate to ask your installer some additional questions regarding your particular situation.
  • Choose the right material for your new windows. Today, you can go with plenty of options when it comes to frame materials. But top-quality vinyl windows are recognized as the most common choices for Vancouver homeowners. Vinyl is low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and highly economical.
  • Do not go with a DIY. While you might think that replacing windows is a piece of cake, it is not a project you can undergo with no experience. It is very hard, and numerous things can go wrong. It is always better to go with a professional installer.
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Popular Window Styles in Vancouver & Prices

There might be numerous reasons why you would need new windows —from replacing your old and drafty units, eliminating noise or just to improving your home’s aesthetics and design. Anyway, upgrading your windows is a crucial step to take, and what you absolutely need to be sure of is the window style you want to go with. With no further ado, let’s discuss the main styles homeowners like in Vancouver:

  • Casement Windows

You can come across a bug number of window styles that can add character and allow more natural light to come to your area. Casement windows are among the most widespread window styles since they are made of large glass panes and minimal frames. That means you have a great and unobstructed view. The windows are hinged at the sides and open outward. Casements are very energy efficient and provide good ventilation.

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  • Awning Windows

Just like casement windows, awning windows will add a unique design component to your space while allowing more natural light and fresh air to flow in your residence. The windows are hinged at the top and are to open outward from the bottom. This makes them a great option for installation in bathrooms and bedrooms. 

  • Sliding Windows

Sliding windows or sliders (gliders) are to be open horizontally to the left or the right. These windows provide maximum ventilation and do not need much space for operating. Vinyl frames, a variety of colours and the unobstructed view will definitely match any home exterior.

  • Single-Hung & Double-Hung Windows

These traditional-style windows can be found in most Vancouver houses since they allow excellent ventilation and are convenient to use. Single-hung windows offer a fixed upper sash, so they are open from the bottom to allow for airflow. On the other hand, double-hung windows can be opened from the top and the bottom, which allows for more airflow compared to single-hung counterparts.

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  • Picture Windows

When there is a fantastic view outside, the last thing you want to see is your window frames. A picture window is that alternative you were looking for then. It has minimal frames. This style is recommended for a location within your home where you do not need to open the window and just want to enjoy the view.

The table below indicated the typical price range for the above-discussed window styles for Vancouver region:

Awning, $Casement, $Single Hung, $Sliding windows, $Picture Windows, $
494 – 1199444 – 2116305 -–1429391 – 1724210 – 2231

Source: Ecoline Windows

How to Choose the Right Company for the Job?

Okay, you decided that you need to get new windows. You chose the window style you want, the materials and design you like. What’s next? Of course, you need to get a reliable window company to make the installation. But how to choose the right one? Here is a checklist to follow when picking the manufacturer to deal with.

  • Check the reputation and experience

Checking those 2 aspects will give you an understanding of whether a company has lots of previous successful installations and if they were good. Just look at what people say. Go to websites like HomeStars and check the reviews.

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  • Make sure the company offers a great range of products

You may be surprised, but the window styles we discussed in the previous section are not even close to making a full list. While those above may be the most popular, you may want to choose other styles which fit your decor the most. That is why make sure the company you deal with offers what you need.

  • Check whether a company manufactures the windows or just sells them

Well, if a company sells and installs the windows, it does not mean they manufacture them on their own. The perfect combination if your preferred company has its own product line and offers Canadian-made windows. Just like Ecoline Windows who have all their windows locally made by Stage Windows to custom specifics. Moreover, all the products are NAFS-11, and NFRC tested.

  • Go only with Energy Star Windows

Canadian harsh weather speaks for itself. You want windows that will not only look great but also be energy-efficient, helping you to save on your annual energy bills. Make sure your new windows were Energy-Star rated and approved.

  • Licenses & Certifications

Well, you know that in Canada, it is always an issue to get the windows installed in a way that complies with local rules and guidelines. A reliable Vancouver installer should always follow your local building codes and CSA guidelines.

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Case Study from Ecoline Windows Vancouver

If you have read to this point, you are now aware that window replacement is not an easy process. It requires market research and some efforts in order to get the best. It is always better to pay a little bit more than fall victim to ads that speculate about “cheap but best” windows. Windows replacement never is cheap, but of course, the last prices depend on the multiple factors and add-ons, not just location and size. Supplies, painting, glazing and other arrangements also contribute to the final cost of your window project. So, let’s take a quick look at the case study sent to us by Ecoline.

They told us that a client attended their Vancouver office, requesting a quote to replace their old and high maintenance window with new sliders. The configuration chosen looks as follows:

SliderEnergy GainBedroomCam LockTriple GlazeArgon7-10 weeks delivery$1200 – $1350

The final look:

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