What are the flat fee companies in California?

Selling a home in California and don’t know a lot about the companies. It happens a lot and makes you so confused while choosing the best and one which goes with your demand. Most people out there prefer to pay less commission, so they choose flat fee MLS listing California.

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However, I am sure you are also one of them who doesn’t like to pay less commission. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay at all well. You have to pay the buyer agent but a minimal amount. So that’s the reason the seller prefers the flat fee MLS listing, and when it comes to California, the real estate agents are ready to cut your pockets.

To make it easy for people who don’t like to give their money to someone else, they can go for a different platform providing flat fee MLS. Let’s dig into it.

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1) Congress Realty 

It is one of the best companies providing you with a flat fee listing. Their quick service to sell the house makes them different from the others. They offer unlimited listing updates, so the seller can easily update the list whenever you wants. 

Isn’t it a great offer?

They claim to sell most of the houses, providing their services for a long time. If you want to be more sure of your choice, you can read their client reviews. You can quickly sell the house with a significantly less amount commission. Moreover, they don’t have high flat fee listing prices.

2) Home listers

It is the second known company in California, providing its service for sale by owner and flat fee MLS listing. The one more important benefit is that they provide online foams, which is the preferred method these days .you don’t have to visit to fill a foam now. You can only sit at home and can do this.

The commission you have to pay is just $1,295, which is far lesser than paying an agent to list your house. The listing process is just three steps. There is no complicated procedure to be done. Once you list your house at home, lister considers it sold. You have to pay a fee when you close the listing and one most exciting thing you can cancel at any time.

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3) Flat fee guru 

As the company names already sound, so why not try. The flat fee guru is the master for the lower commission rate. The commission rate is so less that it is unbelievable, but sometimes we doubt what is near to be unbelieving, but their services and client satisfaction make your doubts go away.

4) Houzeo 

Talking about flat fee companies, we cannot forget about the houzeo. The company is known best for its transparency and fast listing. There are no hidden fees.

 They bring the listing process to your fingertips. They are the most reliable ones. 

Final thoughts 

The above list will make your all worries go away. I hope the gathered information about companies helps to save your time.


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