5 Stylish Coffee Makers We Love

For most of us who are addicted to coffee, we need to drink it to start our day or may have two to three cups a day. Buying coffee from a café daily on your way to work can be an unnecessary burden on your pocket while you can have delicious coffee made at home. What you need is a good coffee maker. Shopping for the best coffee maker can be quite a task. It depends upon what kind of coffee you drink, you prefer espresso or cappuccino, or you want a coffee maker who can make both. Ask, yourself do you want to make it yourself using coffee grounds, or would you prefer to have it dispensed automatically from a bean to cup machine.  It has to be stylish too, so it looks good on your kitchen shelf, and every time you make coffee, you admire its sleekness along with delicious coffee it makes. Here is a list of the five most stylish coffee makers available:

  1. Sage the dual boiler and Bambino plus are the best espresso machine

It is the best espresso maker you can buy with money. If you want a barista-style manual espresso machine that does all the work and crunching for you and doesn’t cost you much, then the sage dual boiler is the best pick for you. It gets its name from the two boilers hidden within its brushed-metal facade; one for the espresso-making and the other for frothing milk. This means it can do two jobs at once, and it will save you a considerable amount of time if you are making two or more cappuccinos or lattes at the same time. Espresso prepping and extraction is an art form, but thankfully this machine pretty much does all the work for you. You will, however, have to put in a bit of practice and, potentially, change a few temperature settings to achieve the very best results, however.

If you feel that Sage Dual Boiler will occupy too much space for or is way too big for your worktop, then perhaps you can opt for a smaller version of this. The Sage Bambino Plus is quite a looker, and if you are looking for something stylish, then this is your pick.

The best thing is that it is available in five classic colors, which are brushed steel, smoked hickory, black, ivory, and navy blue. The Bambino Plus has a three-second heat up time, which makes it great for use, and a fuss-free interface containing just two main extraction buttons –one for a one-cup espresso and the other for two. Not just this, it has two more buttons that allow customized temperature control and froth consistency and volume so that you can have your coffee exactly the way you like it.

  1. Bella ultimate elite collection

The Bella Ultimate Elite Collection 12-Cup 14623 comes in black stainless steel, and as the name suggests, it is a real beauty for your kitchen. Its elegant hourglass silhouette will compliment your kitchen rather than clog up your counters. In our surveys, Bella machines earn a Very Good rating for predicted reliability, so you can be confident you’ll get staying power with this model. It comes with a few handy features, including an auto-shutoff and a cleaning indicator.

  1. Mr. Coffee programmable BVMC

With a similar design to the Bella elite, the stainless-steel Mr. Coffee is a 12-Cup coffee monster that looks at once modern and retro. The glass carafe steals focus, and a seamless curved stainless-steel backdrop brings a high-end feel. This will be so elegant and classy in your kitchen, and you can place it on the front shelf to show off to your guests.  This Mr. Coffee also features an auto-shutoff and cleaning indicator, plus a permanent coffee filter. It is known for its smooth brewing.

  1. Oxo Barista Brain 

The Oxo Barista Brain 9-Cup 8710100 has a more unusual design than regular coffee makers. With an exposed water reservoir and heating element on one side and a thermal carafe on the other, it’s a real conversation piece for your kitchen. Stainless and black accents might sit nicely with your larger appliances.  Its brewing performance is excellent. It has a slight drawback in handling the carafe, and it can have a dribbling issue during the pour. Otherwise, it is one of the best picks, and you should go for it.

  1. Ninja hot and cold brew system

Ninja hot and cold brew system is a pseudo dual coffee machine. It is the most versatile coffee maker as it can make almost any coffee you like to drink, it has built-in milk frother, six different brew sizes, and five different brew styles. This brew system can do entirely different and amazing things with your coffee if you like to have butter and coconut oil in your coffee than you can easily blend it with its inbuilt blender. Plus, it a beauty to keep on your kitchen shelf.

These are the best and stylish coffee makers that are available in the market. They not only give you the modern, elegant look that you want in your coffee maker but also provide you with world-class coffee that you can enjoy at your home. You can order them online or if you’re going to test before buying than garb your coat and be on your way to buy the best coffee maker ever made. If you have friends or family member that are coffee lovers and are also very picky about colors and style, then these coffee makers are the best gift ever for them.


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