Upgrading your house in 2020

We are often defined by our home because it represents who we are, and it is under scrutiny just as what we do is.  People make assumptions based on what you own and how you look, and when someone enters your home, they are deciding who you are based on the condition of the house.  Given your home is an extension of you it is important that it is kept up to date without making enormous and costly changes. It just means ensuring your home is in a condition that makes you proud to share with your friends, family and neighbours.

Investing in your home is not only good for looking good, but when it is time to sell your house in the Melbourne housing market you want to get the best value for it.  Buyers will be looking for a home that has been kept up to date and in good condition, as opposed to one that has been left stagnant.

Making sure your house is looking its best always means that if you do have to part ways with your beloved home that in the Melbourne property market you are more likely to sell more quickly and at a better price than those that haven’t had the same type of care.

Ways to Upgrade your Home

Livable Space

Using your home to its best ability by fully utilising square footage will allow you not only use it to its best potential but also feel more spacious.  This can be made possible by changing the floor plan, moving things around, removing unnecessary walls, or buying smaller furniture to create an illusion of more space.  Gone are the days of big furniture, everyone is going for a more minimalistic look that is the perfect balance of design and comfort.

Livable space can also be achieved by removing things you do not use, find someone to store them especially if they add not value to your space.

Roller Blinds

Curtains don’t give you the modern and classic look that makes a house look classy.  The best alternative is Roller Blinds which give a sleek look and are totally customisable. Like curtains there are an array of colours and designs, and they look less bulky than a traditional curtain.

Roller blinds are a cheap way to add aesthetics to your home and also save your children and pets from getting tangled in them like curtains are prone to.  This modernised look will give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe while keeping your house up to date.

Roller blinds are great for the heat of the Melbourne summer as you can adjust the amount of light you allow into the home, and maintaining the blinds is a breeze compared to curtains.

Appealing Outdoors

The outdoor space is the first place someone sees when coming to your home, and it doesn’t matter how fabulous your home looks because those first impressions were made when coming through your front gate.  A lot of money doesn’t need to be spent sprucing it up but keeping it garbage-free and neat goes a long way to looking good. 

Making the most of your garden space will also add style to your home, particularly in the form of composite decking.  Adding a composite deck means you are not only using a long-term sturdy decking material, but you are showing how your outdoor space is an extension of your home and is a place to relax and chill.  There are endless ideas that you can use in your outdoor space from bbq area for those summer Melbourne nights, a play space for your children or pet, or a bean bag zone for your teens and their friends.

Fresh Paint

Any space can be made look fresh and new with a coat of paint, and with the variety available to us today we can find something to suit a style unique to ourselves.  The possibilities are endless.

Painting the home can be done by yourself or a professional, but either way the walls are your blank canvas and with the eclectic Melbourne culture the kitschier the walls the more a talking point they will be.  A fresh coat of paint can hide imperfections, grimes from sticky hands over time and crayon marks from curious toddlers.

If a full paint job is not on your agenda then painting the trims is an alternative solution.  This will give a room the illusion of the whole room having been painted while saving your time and money.  Keeping the ceiling freshly painted can make the room look bigger but is something often overlooked.

Window Upgrades

Getting energy-efficient windows, especially if you live in an older home will be a great decision not only for aesthetic purposes but also because it will increase the energy functionality of your home.

While pretty is nice when it comes to windows, ensuring they are also energy efficient should be top of the list.  The right kind of windows can keep out the wind but regulate the heat and cold while dramatically having a positive effect on electricity bills.  The good thing about windows is if they aren’t particularly pleasing to the eye they can be dressed up.

Modern Bathroom

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom looking modern is essential to complete the look of the home.  Tiles get grubby easily, mold can find its way into the grout and they get stained now matter how many times you clean them.  Taking the time to upgrade and change your tiles will give your bathroom an instant feel of brand new.

An easy fix for a bathroom is to regularly update the fan.  The fan gets dusty and moldy, and while regularly cleaning these can assist with this, ensuring long term functionality by replacing it is a minimal cost for long-term gain.

Upgrading your bathroom can mean simple changes for a brand-new look.  Changing the tapware or improving the water pressure can add more value to the bathroom, as well as choosing the right accessories that give your space a classy feel.

Every bathroom needs a cabinet to ensure all those bits and pieces aren’t on show.  By having a two in one cabinet with a mirror you are not only proving space for the essentials but adds a mirror which is needed in every modern bathroom.


First impressions count so investing in landscaping the exterior of your home is a worthwhile investment that will have long term results should you wish to sell your house someday.  

There are many options to give your exterior style including hedges to look aesthetically pleasing while keeping other neighbourhood animals out, or flowers to create colour and a lovely smell as you make your way to the front door.

Gardening is a hobby of many and also helps alleviate stress for others, so creating a garden with this in mind will have benefits beyond aesthetics.  Trees are good to surround our properties with for natural shade but also to help filter groundwater.

Even if gardening isn’t your niche, just making the effort to keep your outdoor spaces clean and today will have a huge effect on your outdoor aesthetics.

Central Air-conditioning

Melbourne summers can be very warm and getting home at the end of the day to a well air-conditioned house is bliss.  Being able to experience that cool air in more than just one room is ideas, especially in home full of teens who may spend a lot of time in their own rooms.  Central air conditioning is a great way to combat this especially in a warm climate and is a cheaper alternative to single air conditioning units.

Central air conditioning also means less noise pollution and is often what buyers are looking for when they choose a house.  Progress means that now some units can switch between heating and cooling with the switch of a button. Having central air conditioning means the value of your home will automatically go up to the appeal of potential buyers.

Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your property will not only make you the envy of your neighbours but will largely increase the value of your house.  The aesthetics you create by adding a pool and accessories around it will appeal to families and children looking at buying a home.

When hit with the scorching heat of Melbourne summers a pool is ideal to get reprieve and even with limited space can be added to your hard at a size that meets your needs.  Not only will it have a long-term financial gain, your children will thank you and so will buyer if you decide to sell.

Swimming pools not only allow you to enjoy summer family swim time in the comfort of your own home, it is also great for entertaining friends, and is a great form of exercise.


Sprucing up your cabinets throughout the house are a much cheaper option than replacing them altogether while still achieving the best results.  A coat of paint can make a room look fresh and new.

Apart from paint, replacing hinges or oiling them can take the groan out of opening cupboards.  If your cabinets still aren’t right then they may need replacing, however it is important to note that this isn’t something you do often and may only require replacing the once.  A one-time cost could mean the difference between someone finding your house appealing or passing over it.

Flattering Lighting

Lighting is important to get right and can be highlight all that is good about the room.  When considering lighting it is important to take into account the length of hanging lights, ensuring the lights accentuate the good points of your home, having dimmers to create mood and using energy-efficient bulbs.

Choosing the right hue needs to be carefully considered and investing in the right kind of lightening will make your room look great.  If it is style you are going for, replacing your cheaper lighting fixtures with something classier will give your room the flare it needs.

Cute Décor

There is usually one aspect of the house that is an eyesore and no matter what you do it cannot be rid of.  The best way to make a seamless look in the house is to hide these as best as you can be taking them out of focus.  You can cover up these things with paintings, wall hangings, statues, rugs and other artifacts.

Some people may want to cover alarm panels, light switches or thermostat buttons and this can be achieved by creating temporary fixtures or choosing sleek designs that fit well with your style.


Not every home can have an open floor plan, and while this is a standard of living many love there are ways to create an illusion of open space.  Placing mirrors throughout the house and in particular across from window, will make your house look bigger than it actually is. The reflection of the light from the window onto the mirror disperses around the room making the space look bigger.

This can be applied to different rooms of the house including making a narrow hallway look wider than it is.  Apart from making a difference with space, mirrors will amplify a room’s lighting to make it look brighter.

House Protection

House safety is something we all need to address because it doesn’t matter where you live burglary is a concern.  Making sure you have safety measures in place will help you protect your loved ones withing your home. While we all should have adequate locks on our doors and windows, investing in a smart camera can ensure the protection of your house 24 hours a day.

With technological advances, we can now stream smart cameras to our phone so we can see what is happening all the time.  Additionally, they also provide alerts if suspicious activity is noted and you can see who is at your front door while still sitting on the couch as they are often connected to your doorbell.

Additionally, ensuring that your gates, doors, and windows can easily lock when you need them to is essential.


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