What psychological effects have the colors in your home?

Even though the science of colors has been existing for several decades, many still are not aware of the fact that colors have an actual psychological impact. All of them. And that designers don‘t just choose random colors for the interior. Behind every decision is a solid knowledge of what color causes depression, which one can lift the mood or inspire. We live in an environment that is painted in many different colors. The psychological effect lies even behind your IKEA chair covers. UK homes and others around the world may be filled with warmth or coldness, depending on what color the covers are. Let‘s discuss the power of different tones in more detail.

Feel the positive warmth

The color of brown is perfect for creating warm and natural interior design. Brown with all of its different shades is considered to be neutral as it is combined with several different colors. It signifies stability, structure, and support, so people surrounded by this shade feel protected, warm and comfortable. From the psychological perspective, brown is the color of sincerity, honesty, loyalty.

If you use brown color on the walls, furniture, choose to buy IKEA chair covers (UK, EU, and other countries‘ citizens can do so) – you‘ll start to notice immediately that the room makes you feel more secure and stable. The effect will be the same as the feeling of walking on the ground as the color is the symbol of earth.

Enjoy the freshness

White, in general, symbolizes a new beginning. There is a saying „to start with a blank page“ when talking about changes in life. In the interior, the color creates a refreshing feeling because of the clean design. Psychologically it makes people feel pure and calm.

The rule is not to add too much white into your interior design. If everything is colored in white, space will be too sterile and it will make you feel empty, lonely and unfriendly. Because of sterility, hospitals and hospital workers use this color. If you have white walls, mix them with differently colored IKEA chair covers. UK is known for its favorite color plum, meanwhile, in Japan, the color is lavender blush. Together with colors, you can mix the cultures.

Be happy and stay positive

The color yellow – cheerful, optimistic and energizing. It will definitely lighten up even the worst morning or evening. Using pale, a bit faded yellow color on the walls or ceiling will bring the sunshine to your room so it‘s perfect for long and dark rainy days. To make good use of this positive psychological effect, implement the color into the furniture as well.

Feel passionate

The red is the color of passion and fire. Using this color in any room will make you feel fired up and stimulated. It increases heart rate, blood pressure. For its unique psychological effects red is often used in the kitchen as, similarly to orange, it increases the appetite. What about a bright red chair in your kitchen? It‘s a perfect focal point! Red IKEA chair covers (UK and other countries across the world have already tried it out) will create an elegant and inspiring style. 

Be brave and play with colors in your home. But first, consult an interior designer, who can share the knowledge and tips on how to create the mood you would like to live in or visit Comfortly website for more information.


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