5 Tips to Ensure Your Cat has a Long and Healthy Life

Cats make great companions, so it’s crucial that you make sure they enjoy a healthy, happy life. We’ve listed some top tips to ensure that your cat lives comfortably into old age.

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Veterinary check-ups

One way to make sure your cat has the best quality of life is to make sure you take it for regular check-ups at the vet, especially if you have a senior cat. Your vet will offer your cat all their up-to-date vaccinations and can clip their claws properly and safely. 

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During a check-up, they will examine your cat’s dental health, check their weight, feel for any abnormalities, and make sure everything is as it should be. Early signs of illness can be detected and treated early, ensuring your cat can enjoy a longer and healthier life.  

Spay or neuter

Not only will spaying or neutering tour cat help prevent unwanted behaviours, but it can actually help them live longer. Spaying female cats can prevent breast cancers and uterine infections. For tom cats, neutering can prevent them developing testicular cancer. 

Spaying and neutering procedures are fairly straightforward, and many animal shelters will not allow their cats or dogs to be adopted until they’ve been fixed.

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Cats are wild animals and love to explore the outdoors, where they can draw on their natural hunting instincts. Unfortunately, as many of us live within towns and cities, the modern cat is at risk from lots of dangers in the outside world. Busy roads and railways lines are sadly where many cats lose the last of their nine lives. 

This puts cat owners in a difficult situation – do you accept the risks and allow your feline friend the freedom of going outside? Thankfully, there are ways your cat can still go on outdoor adventures, while keeping safe. A cat patio is a great way to allow your indoor cat access to the world outside, while giving you peace of mind.  

Love and attention

It’s well known that good mental wellbeing is beneficial to our overall health – and cats are no different. Just like you and I, cats need to feel loved and safe. Cats love to be the centre of attention, so shower them with affection and love (obviously, on their terms). Encourage your cat to cuddle up in your lap and attend to them if they meow for your attention. Brushing or grooming your cat is a great way to help them bond with you, as is playing with them.

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Regular exercise

Just like us, cats need regular exercise in order to stay in the best physical health. It might seem like your cat spends a lot of time sleeping, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love to play from time to time. Dangly toys or realistic furry mice are great teasers and help to keep your cat active and entertained. Cat scratching trees are also fun and allow your cat to sharpen its claws while playing.


Cats are awesome pets, and they deserve to live their best life possible. Follow these tips to make sure your feline friend enjoys the most of their nine lives. 


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