Why Kline Collective is Best for Large Wall Art in 2022

 Do you have an empty wall in your home?

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Do you want to select wall art on your own without hiring a designer? Are you looking for unique and original art pieces that reflect your personality or a painting that can inspire you and is meaningful? Do you want to tap into an internal pool of creativity and, as a result, your homes offer a wealth of inspiration that far transcends what’s new or what’s cool? Now, it’s time to look at Kline Collective.

 Kline Collective is inspired and energized by young and emerging artists and local businesses. They sell original, ethical and interesting large size wall art created by young and emerging artists. The curators support them by creating a brand that shoppers can trust, for durable, long-lasting, well-made art pieces with ethical origins.

The online art gallery based in Bangkok, Thailand has a wonderful selection of large size canvas art tailored to any home and interior requirements. The gallery collection is endorsed by some of the most famous hotels and coffee chains in the world, such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Starbucks Coffee and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Now they are ready to bring their artwork to attract a global customer base. Here is their story.

Large Wall Canvas Art for you in 2022

Kline Collective is a boutique art gallery that showcases the exceptional handmade artworks by emerging artists in the world. The Bangkok-based art collective is determined to make a difference in the large wall canvas art space. Their wall art includes oil painting, high quality canvas print, photography art, framed wall art and collection sets.

The themes of the artwork are very diverse, including abstract expressionism, landscape, seascape, religion and Asian style motifs, etc. The gallery also focuses on medium to large size artwork. If customers have special requirements, Kline Collective can also customize the size of the artwork for them. Therefore, Kline Collective is a good option if you want to access a wider range of art pieces for different areas of your home.

Abstract Expressionism is still the trend for 2022

Most home décor lovers initially collected more figurative artwork because figurative artworks reflect the people around us, and that’s the emotional connection we are most familiar with. However, abstract, on the other hand, may require deeper understanding, reflection, and exploration to make the emotional connection. In the post covid-19 era in a modern society, human connections are generally getting fragmented or disconnected. Abstract expressionism art is visual, cerebral, then emotional. It takes longer to learn to appreciate. But the appreciation is enduring and grows over time. 

Kline Collective has seen that people are still interested in abstract movement, the aesthetic of desired flow of paint, use of color and poured paint technique. All these create innovative and breathtaking abstract works. These works are still often pursued by people with the purpose of decorating their home. The gallery observed that the best-selling art pieces are always abstract expressionism. When customers buy art paintings from Kline Collective, they can create magical living spaces for their family, better than any stylist could conjure up, thanks to the love and care the curators put into the collecting process.

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Long-lasting art pieces that would look good for lifetimes to come

Kline Collective offers various handmade painting collections on the website. It is also a whizz at acquiring long-lasting classical art pieces that would look good for lifetimes to come. The gallery sells a few pieces of art in landscape and seascape painting, with the sole purpose of adding handmade paintings to their minimalism art collections; among them were works by some emerging artists based in Asia.

The gallery started curating more seriously in 2021, and now, the black and white abstract expressionist paintings collection plays an integral role in the whole gallery’s collection. These days, Kline Collective’s curating practice is mostly driven by passion. The Collective sells the work they find meaning and have a purpose, some art pieces customers will enjoy.

 Art should be affordable for all

Kline Collective said the gallery is tasked with both protecting culture and keeping it accessible.Art should be affordable for all, not just the rich. Kline Collective remembers this simple mantra. The gallery is now slowly introducing the paintings from Asia and Oceania to the global art market. Kline Collective focuses on the idea of affordability and quality. Affordability is critical to Kline Collective’s approach, as is quality. The most expensive art painting sold on Kline Collective is about USD 3000, an oversized handmade unique painting which can cover your whole big all. Compared to the art pieces you can find in the brick-and-mortar shop or gallery; this price is definitely a bargain. The cheapest price starts from USD 49. The price includes all shipping costs and taxes.

Image by Caro Sodar from Pixabay

Create legacy and support emerging artists

The gallery hopes to one day the artwork sold can be passed down to future generations, with the goal of ensuring each piece rests in the hands of communities who appreciate art by emerging artists.It is also planning to loan out and gift pieces from the gallery’s collection to institutions, and a desire to draw more collectors interested in Asian and Oceanian art into the market. Ultimately, Kline Collective will pursue any avenue that allows the gallery to support emerging artists.

Endorsed by interior designers, Starbucks, Starwood and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Kline Collective started out as a boutique gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. The gallery was fortunate to introduce their curated collections to the hotels and resorts in Thailand and other countries in Asia. The gallery was fortunate to win projects from Starbucks Coffee, Starwood hotel chains and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Some of these corporations are excited about including the black and white abstract collections in their places. In walking the floor in a coffee shop or staying in a beautiful resort, people experience a period through the works of emerging artists. Artists put thought, emotions, or concepts to canvas. It was inspirational.

Save the Environment. Support Local Business.

All of the paintings sold by Kline Collective are made to order, this means as they only produce the artwork when customers need it.This innovative business model reduces the amount of materials and storage used therefore helping reduce gas house emissions. The gallery is very aware that they need to keep searching for new and better ways to be green, leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. The gallery is in a continuous process of reviewing the recycled content of canvas, papers, the sustainable sources of the woods they use, the biodegradable credentials of any packaging and the energy they consume.

The products are shipped out from Thailand or in some of the warehouses in the region. Some collections are only available for sale in rolled canvas form. When customers bring the art pieces in their own home country, they are able to send it to the local farmers and ask them for help. In this way, customers can have a wider selection of frames, supporting the local business as well as saving carbon footprints.

 Culturally diverse collections rooted in Asia and Oceania

Kline Collective collection chronicles the development of modern art by emerging artists from Asia and Oceania over the last 10 years. Our curated pieces encompass a broad range of styles and mediums, including paintings on canvas, printmaking, photography, and posters. As a whole, the collection provides a powerful framework for global art lovers to appreciate the diversity in one of the most culturally dynamic regions in the world, starting with paintings produced in a small village in China, to a Maori painter speaking abstract expressionism through art in New Zealand.

Kline Collective has curated fine collections that are rooted in countries from Asia and Oceania, including but not limited to, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Tonga. Collectively, all artworks are defined, developed, and examined from a global perspective.

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How does it work?

If you are interested to learn more about the artwork of Kline Collective, you can visit their web store. It is easy to order from the gallery.

Made to Order Handmade Painting

The artworks are produced as original pieces and listed on the gallery website with this seller. You can browse through the different categories to find art that matches your theme, space, or color scheme. After you decide which artwork to buy, Kline Collective will contact the artist who will paint the artwork for you. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to finish the artwork. If some artwork you choose is of higher difficulty, it might take a little bit longer. Kline Collective tries their best to finish the work for you in 14 days. 

On-Time Communications and Progress Video

The gallery understands the importance of live communication. The team works all around the corner to communicate with clients regarding their specific requirements. Meanwhile, Kline Collective will also be able to share the progress of the painting for you with progress photos and videos. A short video clip will be sent to our customers once the painting is finished. If customers have specific requirements, the team is happy to listen to pay attention to all your needs and adjust the results of the painting accordingly.

If the item customer received is with fault or problems, the gallery is happy to offer a free return in 30 days.


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