5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home by Improving Your Garden

When it comes to adding value to your home, you may be tempted to redecorate in a neutral colour scheme, declutter to showcase the available space, or renovate your bathroom. But what about the exterior?

While these methods have the potential to increase your property’s price tag, a well-planned garden can boost value by up to 20%. So, whether you have cash to spare, are looking for budget-friendly solutions, or are planning to budget, it may be worth investing in these garden improvements.

Add a Shed

In any area of your home, having adequate storage is always important (especially when it comes to selling), and the garden is no exception. From tools and equipment, to somewhere to store outdoor furniture or children’s toys, consider adding a shed to boost value.

If you can afford to make a larger investment, you could take it one step further with a summer house. This not only provides storage, but can offer additional entertainment space or be used as a home office.

Update Fencing

Encircling your garden, a fence is often a major component of any outdoor space. This means if it’s damaged or scruffy, it can draw the eye for all the wrong reasons, which could impact on the property’s price.

Luckily, there are many ways to update your existing fence without having to splurge on new panels. This includes re-staining or repainting, utilising this vertical space with a hanging herb garden, or covering with materials like bamboo.

Boost Lighting

In your home, you may use different types of lighting to make the space feel warm and cosy. You can also do the same in your garden by installing lights to improve the ambience.

From rope lighting or spot lights to highlight paths, to string lights that make a seating area feel more inviting, this is an easy and effective way to improve your garden and potentially, the value of your home.

Improve Layout

When planning the layout of your garden, it’s important to consider how you (or potential buyers) will use the space. This could help you create a well-designed and multi-functional garden, which may be appealing when you decide to sell.

For example, you could include decking for family dining, a grassed area for children, a comfortable seating area, or perhaps raised plant beds or vegetable patches.

Enhance Seating

Any usable and enjoyable garden requires seating. Plus, whether you select a quality outdoor table and chairs set or a purpose-built seating area, making your garden useable could improve your home’s resale value.

When planning garden seating, consider practicality. This includes how furniture will be covered or stored during winter, as well as choosing materials that are easy to maintain and will look stylish for years to come.

A well-designed garden is not only a space for relaxing but could also add value to your home. To achieve both, consider these give ideas and make sure to perform regular maintenance, too.



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