Ten Deep Cleaning Tasks to Invigorate Your Home

Cleaning is often viewed as a burdensome task that gets put on the back burner– another place that you likely haven’t cleaned enough. However, there are studies that show that a clean home can help you feel less stress and more contentment when you finally put your feet up at the end of the day.

Deep cleaning takes this theory to new heights and improves the hygienic quality of your living space. Here are ten deep cleaning tasks to add to your to-do list over the next ten weeks to invigorate your home.

Steam Clean Carpets and Upholstery

When was the last time you deep cleaned your couch? Never? These high traffic areas have a tendency to collect dust and grime, even in the cleanest of houses. Look at local companies that offer steam cleaning solutions for home environments and rent a steam cleaner or hire an expert to do it for you. Get your mattresses too!

Scrub Your Walls

You wouldn’t think of walls as a place that gets dirty. That is until you wash the walls to prepare for a fresh coat of paint and see how much grime comes off. Mix hot water with vinegar and a drop of dish soap to create a degreasing, powerful cleanser that won’t damage your paint. You’ll be shocked at how much your walls will shine.

Purge and Clean your Cupboards

Do you know what’s hanging out in the back of your cupboards? When was the last time you looked in there? Most people have an abundance of expired dry goods that they bought in bulk, as well as utensils that they never use. Take some time to empty your cupboards, get rid of expired food, and clean the surfaces inside. Take gently worn appliances to the local thrift store.

Clean the Fridge and Stove

The fridge tends to accumulate forgotten food the same way the stove does. Start going through everything and getting rid of old food, taking time to scrub the shelves and crispers. Give the outside of your fridge a wipe and vacuum the coils. For the stove, give the inside a good clean as well as the exterior.

Window Screens and Curtains

If you regularly wash your windows, congratulations! It’s time to take that a step further. Take out your screens and give them a good scrub. Take down your curtains and throw them in the laundry or take them to the dry cleaner. This will ensure that only fresh air comes in to greet you and your family.

Light Fixtures

If you have old-fashioned light fixtures that collect bugs, take them down and get them clean. For other light fixtures, dust then wipe with a damp cloth. While you’re up there, be sure to test your fire alarms; there’s no need to stand on a chair or ladder more than once in a while.

Treat Your Wooden Furniture

Take some time to show your wooden furniture some love. Dust it, wash it, and treat it with something that will help maintain the wood for years to come and revitalize its natural splendor.

Baseboards and Vents

Just in case you skipped the baseboards during your wall cleaning exercise, address those now. Give them a vacuum and a wipe down. While you’re low to the ground, take some time to vacuum out the vents and give the vent covers a wipe down to remove dust.

Filters and Fans

Clean the filter on your air exchanger every few months. Take it out, wash it with hot water and vinegar, let it dry, and return it to its location. Additionally, take some time to tear apart and clean any fans that are in your house.

Under Heavy Appliances and Furniture

Remember to pull out appliances and furniture every once in a while to clean underneath. You’d be shocked at how much dirt collects there.

Put these ten items on a bi-weekly or monthly maintenance rotation, and your home will always seem fresh and new!


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