5 Ways You Can Still Make the Most of Your Garden in the Colder Months

With the weather turning a whole lot colder, and the holidays not too far away, you might be taking your patio furniture indoors and accepting the fact that the back yard is off limits until spring. But is it? Here are five ways you can still make the most of your garden in the colder months, if you want to. 

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  1. Cook outdoors  

There’s really no need to hang your skewer up over the winter months if you enjoy cooking outdoors. Why not invest in a BBQ island? Sure, they’ll set you back a little bit, but a good quality BBQ island will allow you to grill outdoors all year round, making a welcome change from being stuck indoors this winter. And, they’re a fabulous centerpiece to any back yard, adding tons of value and a place for your nearest and dearest to gather around. Just take a look at these and fire up the grill.  

  1. Install a fire pit

Speaking of firing up, installing a fire pit in your garden is another way to make sure you can still get outdoors in the colder months. Not only will it give you, your friends, your family and your guests somewhere warm to gather around, it will also give your back yard plenty of visual appeal too. Sit beside the fire with a glass of wine on a winter’s evening, snuggling up closely to your other half. Or, toast s’mores with your kids for a camp-fire-feel in your very own back yard.

  1. Use patio heaters

You can probably spot a theme here, right? Making the most of your yard during winter is all about making sure you have enough heat, so if you already have a nice patio area with comfortable furniture, make it more appealing by adding some patio heaters and a DIY patio cover. A good quality patio heater will mean you can sit outdoors to read a book, chat to friends or simply listen to the rustle of leaves across the lawn.

  1. Install a pergola

Pergolas aren’t just for summer gardens and, in fact, we’re not talking about those little wooden structures you might grow roses up. Instead, add a solid pergola to the side of your house so that you have an inside-outside entertainment area that’s largely protected from the elements. Built over a brick patio, a solid pergola will provide plenty of shelter from wind and rain which means you can use it as an overspill area when you’re hosting guests, or even use it with your patio heaters to make an al-fresco dining area whenever you fancy. And, your pergola will come in handy in the summer months too, offering plenty of shade and respite from the hot summer sun.

  1. Add a hot tub

Finally, a hot tub is a great addition to any garden at any time of year, but it’s a certain way to ensure you get outdoors this winter. Just think of all those Scandinavian countries that have hot tubs in cold climates – it’s the contrast in temperature that makes it so enjoyable, and we can guarantee your friends and neighbors will be hoping for an invite if you get one! Just make sure you position your new tub close to the house so you can step straight out of your house, slip off your robe and sink into that lovely warm water.

Will you try any of these ideas to get more use out of your garden this winter?


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