Mirrors: our flexible friend

The right mirror, used in the right place can transform a room. They offer such versatility, there are so many ways we can use them. They truly are a designers’ best friend.

Just off the top of my head, I have used a well-placed mirror to make use of a room’s limited natural light. To enhance views around from different perspectives around the room. As well as giving a smaller space the feeling of spaciousness and adding a little extra style to the room.

But, there are so many options, so many possibilities, these are just the basics.


The skill is to use the right mirror in the right space. That’s our motivation behind this article. To share with you some ideas on which mirrors we can use in which spaces that will bring something extra to a room.

Full-length mirror between two windows.

When you put a full-length mirror in between 2 windows, at a glance, it gives the impression that there are 3 windows, not 2. It also brings more natural light into the room. If you don’t have kids or a dog running around, a good trick it “casually” prop a full-sized mirror against the wall, angling it slightly. It gives the sense of a relaxed spaced which giving loads of extra light.

Using a Wood framed mirror in your kitchen.

The problem with kitchens is that they can feel a little clinical at times. We can use a well-placed mirror to soften the room and give the kitchen a homier feel. It can be any size mirror, any shape. You can put it on a shelf or the wall; the deal is that it has a wooden frame.


Be Sneaky! Put a wall mirror behind a chest

A good way of giving the impression that there is more space, especially in smaller rooms, is to put a chest in front of a mirror. You’ll be amazed at the difference this subtle change makes.


A Narrow mirror sandwiched between wall art.

This is a winner every time. You start off by putting a narrow mirror as the centre point of the wall. It can be rectangular or even faceted. Then you position 2 smallish pieces of framed art work. One either side. They can’t be too big, and they have to be framed. Ideally, they’re the same size. Make it symmetrical when you hang them. The results are great.

Using a sunburst mirror over the bed.

We love a good sunburst mirror. They’re so flexible. Often they are ideal for the large space you get above a headboard. A lot of people struggle in deciding exactly what to put there. The answer is a sunburst mirror.

Why not have some mirrors behind bedside lamps?

This will feel a bit off because you can’t use the mirror for its original use. But what happens is the warm glow of the mirror lighting is reflected around the room. It also frames the light nicely.

Putting two mirrors on adjacent walls.


A really simple but effective design trick you can do is to line up 2 mirrors on opposite walls. It really bounces light around the room. We love doing this in a dining room because it has the added value of making it feel like there are more guests in the room, adding to the atmosphere.

Positioning a mirror on the wall opposite a window.

Increase light and views by placing a big mirror directly across from a window. Reflecting a beautiful view is ideal, but placing a mirror across from any window that gets good light will make your room feel sunnier, so regardless of what you can see out of your window, it makes sense.

Taking advantage of the space above the mantel

A great way to utilize the space above the mantlepiece is with an oversized mirror. Many of the better retailers will offer their mirrors by the inch so you can order the perfect size. Using a mirror will add loads of natural light and offer the room a sense of space.



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