What Type of Fan Do You Need?

House fans are great to keep the interior cool in summer. Fans are cheaper, help save energy and money and are available in different types, sizes and price range. Depending on your requirement, you may choose from the tower fans, indoor ceiling fans, damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans, pedestal fans or floor fans, exhaust fans and portable fans. So, what fits you? If you are still unsure, let us help you decide what type fan is appropriate for you (See PowerHouseFans for more information.)


Desk Fans

Desk Fans come under portable fans category which are small, pretty and you can fix it on a table. It is good for smaller space and limited area cooling. Some of the desk fans have rotating heads to circulate air on all sides. While some operate using direct electricity there are some which run on chargeable batteries. Small versions of desk fan with batteries are popular among car owners. Some are in the shape of a box, and hence known as box fans.


Wall Mount Fans

The wall mounted fans are small, covered and with a mounting fixture rod. These fans can move the head horizontally in order to circulate wind in all directions. It is the ultimate fan if you are trying to manage some extra space out of a small closet. You can operate the wall mounted fans and control the speed using pull chains and switches.

Tower Fans

Go for tower fans if you are looking for elegant design, quiet airflow and smaller units to save space. Tower fans are often remote controlled, so with one tap you can change the speed of the fan or set timers. Tower fans are portable, and are therefore, ideal if you want additional cooling and carry it along when reading a book sitting on your porch or watching television in the hall room.

Pedestal Fans

The pedestal fans are floor fans which are kept stationary on a pedestal. The height and length of the rod varies from model to model. From battery operated small pedestal fans to large heavy-duty electric fans are available in the market. The pedestal fans which are large in size may create some amount of noise. Pedestal fans are portable and you can take them to any corner of the house you choose.

Exhaust Fan

The ventilation fans are known as the exhaust fans which are often seen in the washrooms. It is to drive away the damp and moist air out. These fans are used in several other locations as well, so it is up to you. However, please note one thing, exhaust fans are useful only for venting the air, it does also let fresh air in but the force is not that impressive.

Ceiling Fans

The mostcommonly used fans are the ceiling fans which are widely popular among the consumers. There are two types of ceiling fan, indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.

When you are purchasing a ceiling fan, check the expansion of the blades, number of blades, motor capacity and length of the downrod. The size of the fan depends on the size of the room. When you are buying a ceiling fan, always ensure the company is Energy Star Rated, because these models have a higher capacity and lesser power consumption costs. Tropical ceiling fans are also becoming popular among the buyers as they are made of eco-friendly materials. Several ceiling fans are compatible with light fixtures, so you can also buy decorative light kits to compliment the interior decoration.



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