5 Ways Your New Garage Door Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make, but that doesn’t mean, once you settle down the work is done. There are a lot of things that can be done to enhance your home’s exterior.

One of the few outdoor features that have immense value in a home is the garage door. It can make or break your home’s first impression as it takes up almost 40% of your home’s façade. But did you know that your garage door can also help boost your home’s value?

Here are 5 ways your new garage door can add value to your home.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Whether you want to take on your next home remodelling project or sell your property, improving the look of your exterior is an excellent idea. Most prospective buyers decide their next home based on the appearance of the property.

So, complement your home’s colour scheme and windows for a brighter look, or opt for bolder colours to make a garage door statement. Colouring your garage door is the perfect opportunity to create a contrast between the interior and exterior of the house. To further enhance the look, choose a unique panel style that matches the theme of your home.

Increased Energy Savings

New garage doors from Associated Garage Doors are sealed, insulated, and designed for energy efficiency. Did you know that an insulated garage door can increase your home’s value by 4%? Yes, you read that right. Installing an insulated garage door can help you save money on energy costs by maintaining the internal temperature of your garage and keeping outside air out. Insulation is especially essential for houses that have an attached garage. Furthermore, insulation can block the outside noise, as a result of which, your home and garage, can be more private and peaceful.

Improvements in Safety and Security

A safe home is of great value to you, your family, and of course, potential buyers. That being said, new garage doors come with newer features and technology that can keep your home safe and secure for years to come. Not only can you choose the material that your garage door is made out of, but you can also include photosensors that can prevent the door from closing when something or someone is in the way.

In addition, a garage door with up-to-date technology comes with fascinating security features such that not only keep intruders out but also give you instant updates on your smartphone.

Accommodating The Style Of Your Home

The type of garage door you must install depends upon the style of your home. For instance, if you have a Victorian or Colonial home, steel or wood carriage house doors will suit the best, as do iron hinges, handles, and other decorative hardware. Similarly, your new garage door should complement your home’s design. A modern garage door with stained wood and pebble and powder-coated glass is more suited for a contemporary home, while Craftsman homes featuring garage doors with arched, divided windows or double-hung wood windows can be more valuable.

Better Return on Investment

Unlike other home remodelling projects, installing a new garage door can increase the offer and asking price of your home. However, the return on investment that your new garage door will offer depends on numerous factors. It is, therefore, important that your new garage door has a great design and can be easily maintained.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt about the fact that installing a new garage door can get you the best value for your dollar. In fact, it might as well cost you less than most of the home improvement tasks.

Additionally, installing a modern garage door can increase the value of your home, boost its curb appeal, and help you sell your home faster (if you are planning to sell).


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