How & Why To Choose Shutters For Your Home?

Window shutters have been around for a long time and gained popularity over the past few years as it is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. What was once used as a security measure to provide defence from human and natural intervention has now become a great decorative option for home improvement.

Window shutter has become an integral part of the home decor irrespective of the architectural design. If you are still not sure why to use window shutter, here are some of the benefits it offers.

Why choose window shutters?

Makes your house look different: Perhaps, the greatest advantage of using a window shutter for the exterior or interior of your house is, it increases the curb’s looks. Charlie Jones from Shuttercraft says that updating your window treatments is an easy way to increase the value of your home. It helps your house look distinguished from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. Moreover, these shutters come in various designs and styles and enhance the appearance of your home. Also, these shutters are an inexpensive option when compared to other decoration ideas and thus a homeowner can renovate it without getting set back by a huge amount giving your house a great makeover which will be any neighbor’s envy. 

Protection against elements: One of the other major functional benefits of installing an exterior shutter is protection from elements like wind, storms, etc. Modern windows are usually made of glass and are unable to protect your home from things that can crash into windows and break the glass when there is a huge storm or high winds. Using exterior shutters in such areas where there is a high likelihood of such occurrences will help in protecting the home against such elements. It also protects the windows from damage due to weather. 

Helps in air circulation: Natural air is essential for good health and air can circulate through the living space only when the windows are kept open. But keeping windows open means, there is no privacy and the easiest solution is to use shutters for good air circulation without needing to have your privacy compromised. 

Help reduce energy bills: Installing shutters, exterior or interior is a very effective way to reduce energy bills. Power consumption is greatly reduced all year long because closing the shutters during winter provides double insulation and helps to keep the living space warm. On the other hand, during the summers, the windows can be opened to allow fresh and cool breeze to come in and reduce the need for air conditioning. Having window shutters is an environmentally friendly option and also helps in reducing power bills. 

More security for your home: Installing window shutters adds another layer of security for your house. Windows are the main target for thieves, especially old homes are more vulnerable to such attacks as they can be easily broken into. By having protective shutters that have a locking system it becomes more difficult to break the windows and enter the house. Protective shutters also discourage theft attempts. 

How to choose a window shutters?

Before you delve into how to choose window shutters for your home there are a few things you will have to decide if you want only shutters for the inside or for the exterior of your house. 

  • Interior shutters: These can act as an alternative for the traditional curtains that are hung on the windows in the room. It also helps in increasing the privacy of the room and blocks out light providing a great sleep environment. The drawback of having internal shutters is they may not provide great aesthetics to the room. 
  • Exterior shutters: These are highly functional as they add privacy, provides protection against elements like wind, storm, etc and also block out light. It also greatly improves the curb appeal of your house. The only drawback is that it needs regular maintenance as it is exposed to harsh weather.

Types of shutters

Exterior stationary shutters

Louvered shutters: These are shutters that have horizontal slats and allows air and light to enter but prevents rain and sunshine from entering. It has a tilt rod that is placed vertically to lift the slats up and down to adjust the amount of light that enters the room. These are decorative options and is made of vinyl or wood. They come in various styles like

  • Batten
  • Raised board
  • Plantation 

Hurricane shutters: These shutters are coverings to the window to protect from hurricanes that hurl flying objects. These shutters are sturdy when compared to other shutters and are manufactured from wood or aluminum. The hurricane shutters can either be fixed permanently or can be stored for future use. It comes in styles like

  • Roll-down
  • Accordion
  • Storm

Interior shutters

Plantation shutters: This is the most popular choice of homeowners as it is aesthetically appealing and also allows light when opened and blocks when closed. One can choose wider slats to get more light or narrow ones to block it. 

Cafe style shutters: It is named so as it is used in French Cafes. These shutters are louvered and cover the bottom part of the window to give privacy while sitting. 

Solid shutters: These give the feel of a French house and can be installed as a single unit that can be folded to allow light or as a lower-slatted combination which allows light even when the shutter is closed. 

Ways to open shutters

  • Panel fold-back: All the panels of the shutters can be folded back to get a full view of the outside world and also get sunlight.
  • Tilting the slats: The slats are tilted in an angle so that it allows the needed light to trickle into the room. Useful for people who are looking for privacy but also want fresh air and light. 

Various shutter colors: If you think that window shutter colors are restricted to white then it is not so. It comes in numerous colors and ranges from subtle to bold or even custom-painted to suit your needs. 

Shutter maintenance: Just like how you should maintain the blinds of your windows by cleaning, the shutters will also need to be maintained to ensure longevity. But having said that it also depends on the material used and the location of the shutters. Indoor shutters will need less caring when compared to the exterior shutters. Exterior shutters will need to be cleaned weekly and also repaired after a storm or high wind event. The quality and materials are factors that will determine the amount of maintenance needed. 

Tips on how to select a shutter

  • Select based on your home decor and your preferences
  • Vinyl shutters are affordable and come in different shades and long-lasting. Wood is attractive and adds to curb appeal.
  • Consider energy-efficiency when selecting shutters as that can save you money as well as eco-safe
  • Don’t opt for the least expensive shutters as they may have compromised on quality.
  • Measure the windows both inside and outside for the frame before selecting the style
  • Compare various options before you decide.
  • Match the color of the shutter with the existing window frames

Shutters are not only a great way to improve the curb appeal of your house but also has many functional benefits like adding security and privacy. Ensure that you choose shutters that suit the design of your house also consider the shutters that are easy to maintain without making a huge investment. 

To help guide you through the process, with ease and confidence finding a professional company that can help you make the right decision is recommended.


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