6 Amazing Staircase for Interior Design by Philip Watts Design

It is known that every house which it has a staircase is an attractive feature in terms of interior design . Staircase is a very common form of interest in the design world, which besides the great utility, is also a very trendy decor element that should not miss. Been located where they fail if they are made good, to impress and attract attention. Design, shape and size of interior stairs are made according to the needs and tastes of each family, the details of interior decoration of stairs can be discussed together with your designer. Philip Watts is talented designer who designed and created over 500 products, worked on over 100 interior projects, and completed 150 installations world wide unique bespoke build Hi build his team in 1993 in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He received Many awards for his work during the years due to maintain the highest level ensuring the products quality.
Designer Philip Watts has created a modern collection of staircases that we will present in these article, but the one who impressed us most is the staircase designed for a customer from Hampton North, with a striking design that is shaped spine of a large and powerful animal, that connects two floors in a very elegant way, using iron as building material. The scale consists of ramp (surface accessible, the stair treads) and risers (the vertical scales). Steps are made of light brown wood color and the shape design gives the impression of a melting surface. It is truly a unique design. Other staircases modern design are made of metal railings, which have a role to ensure safe movement for those who use them. The sides are glass tax, that the desire to be highlighted designer gear design. Designer Philip Watts combined the materials with the glass timber and the result was magnificent. These staircase are amazing.

  1. Sculptural staircase with glass and timber details, private client, Northampton.
  2. Centerpiece staircase for a private client in France.
  3. Helical spiral staircase with ceiling bridge, private client hereford
  4. Multi-flight staircase with simple detailing, private client Nottingham.
  5. Outdoor balcony staircase in cast aluminium with glass treads, private client holand park, London
  6. A collection of various different staircases

In conclusion, a proper design of an interior staircase can give your home a touch of charm and elegance. Furnishings are numerous and you can choose what suits your lifestyle and personality! See also the related post: 3D effects stairs interior design.

Source: philipwattsdesign.


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