Amazing Complex Architecture for 18 Septemberplein Square,The Netherlands

The city of Eindhoven has gone through radical transformation over time being  periodically destroyed and reconstructed. What we see today is the result of new strategic projects that since the 90s had one objective: to achieve a “city of design and architecture” status for it. One example that proves to be a great success in the Eindhoven redevelopment is 18 Septemberplein project designed by the Italian architectural firm Fuksas. 18 Septemberplein is the name of one the major square in the city of Eindhoven, a square that connects the central train station with the main shopping district of the city. Completed in 2009, the project is a response to a demand increasingly higher of a 2000 parking places for bicycles, its main objectives being to create an underground parking for bicycles and an urban market in order to be a link among the existing post-war buildings.

The entire assembly is now an enchanting landscape of the future with complex architecture and an ultra-modern appearance ensured by Admiral Entrance Building, the underground bicycle parking, Piazza Shopping Mall and Media Market.

Located just at the border between the new area and the 18th September square, the Admiral Entrance Building constitutes the functional joint between the latter and the new square, forming the main gateway to a new shopping axis. Molded in glass and concrete, the building shows a dynamic and outstanding design due to its fluid contours and non-orthogonal shape. It houses commercial spaces at its lower levels and administrative offices in the ones above. On the other hand, the underground parking built on 2300 square meters has two concrete funnels which provide access to the bicycle parking.  They attract people’s attention by reiterating the blob shapes developed by Admiral Building and creating a visual connection between them. The square’s floor alternate ceramic and glass tiles with fountains lights which at night turn into a carpet of lights that glow through from underneath, a nod to Eindhoven’s heritage as the city of lights. We think it’s very encouraging to see that it’s becoming more and more apparent that architecture is evolving and is embrassing art rather than architecture itself.

Photos: © Rob’t Hart, Rob Hoekstra, Moreno Maggi.

Object: 18 Septemberplein_Bicycle cellar and urban square
Project: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Site: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Project and Construction Period: 2003-2009
Client: Municipality of Eindhoven
Market surface: 7000 m2
Parking lot surface: 2300 m2 for 1700 bicycles

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