6 Apartment Friendly Dogs You Must Consider

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a great dog, it just means that you need to put more thought into which breed ends up there. The truth is that many people don’t think things through, it’s not always about the size of the dog in the end but instead about energy levels and cleanliness. 

If you’re looking for some great apartment dogs then keep reading and we’ll show you some of the best. You might just be surprised at some of the options available. 

1. Basset Hound 

The ever-lovable basset hound is well suited for those living in apartments. Once a beloved hunting breed, they now often find themselves as companion dogs instead. 

Their short legs and friendly demeanor keep them in the top of many people’s minds. That said, they also tend to be vocal and stubborn so you’ll need to be firm in your training to keep the neighbors from complaining. 

In the end, however, they make great dogs for those living in apartments. Apart from walk-time they often prefer to loaf about and they don’t require nearly as much exercise as most similarly sized breeds. If you’re willing to do the training they make great companions for smaller living quarters. 

2. Keeshond 

Think of a Keeshond as a large Pomeranian and you’re thinking along the right lines. These lovable balls of fur are excellent dogs for apartments despite being around 30lbs. 

One of their most unique properties is their ability to intuit people’s emotions. For that reason, they’re frequently used as comfort dogs. They’re a great dog for those who love affectionate animals, some people have even called them “velcro dogs” for their tendency to stick close to their owner. 

They are extremely intelligent, which means that they need plenty of stimulation and a good amount of exercise or behavioral problems may occur.  So, basically, give them love and make sure you take them on regular walks and you have a beautiful ball of fur that will return your efforts with tons of affection. 

3. Pug

The pug is a lovable, relatively low energy breed that originally hails from China. Despite their Eastern origins, they were beloved dogs of the European aristocracy for some time before becoming the modern companion dog. 

Since they were bred as companion dogs from the outset, they’re very friendly dogs. They’re surprisingly intelligent and tough as well, making them great dogs for children. They can be a nightmare for trainers who don’t understand just how willful these little dogs are. 

The only real problem that comes hand-in-hand with pugs is the fact that the breed can have a lot of health issues resulting from inbreeding over time. Many will come down with some form of a problem as they get older, so make sure that you’re prepared. 

4. Bulldog

Image Credit: Well Pet Coach

Bulldogs, with their heavy build and even temper, are actually great dogs for those living in apartments. Far from their ancestors’ vicious temperament, the modern bulldog is held in high esteem for being a calm and kind animal. 

Bulldogs require daily exercise, like all dogs, but they’re particularly prone to obesity if they’re not walked regularly, so have your leashes at the ready. The dogs tend to have a slow metabolism and a high appetite, which is a recipe for gaining weight. 

There’s not a whole lot wrong with these dogs except for their lifespan. Most bulldogs only live to be six or seven years old which makes them a particularly short-lived breed, especially for their size. 

As a lovable companion which is fine with living indoors, however, the bulldog is a shining example.  

5. Greyhound

Most people picture greyhounds running on tracks or chasing down small animals but they’re actually a great dog for those who live indoors. They’re basically the fastest running couch potatoes in the world. 

They require a good amount of exercise, but many greyhounds spend most of their time sleeping. In addition to being relatively mild around the home, they’re also quiet and extremely loyal to their owners. That makes them great for those who live in tight quarters.  

Greyhounds are known to be easy-going to the point of laziness. Those who are looking for one can easily find a rescue group to bring one of these unique dogs into their home, they’ll need time to adjust but they make excellent pets all around. 

6. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is exactly the kind of dog most people picture keeping in an apartment. Small and friendly, they’re excellent companion animals and many people have found them to quickly become a tight part of their family. 

The only thing that a Yorkie has going against it for living in an apartment is the fact that they’re often a bit yappy. This can be corrected with training on the part of the owner of course, and some barely bark at all. 

These adaptable terriers are favorites for many applications but they’re able to live well indoors and most people fall in love with the breed once they’ve been introduced to one. If you’re in an apartment and love smaller dogs they should be at the top of your list when you’re looking for the right breed of dog. 

They’re a bit bolder than many smaller breeds of dog, however, so you can definitely expect a lively, energetic companion rather than your usual lap dog.

A Dog for Everyone 

Many people think they’re super limited when it comes time to find a dog to join them in their apartment. The truth is, however, that there are a ton of fine breeds that will love living indoors. You’re not even limited to small dogs! 

Isn’t it time to start looking for a canine companion to join you? 


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