What Country Do Window Shutters Originate From?

Whether you’re an avid lover of window shutters or new to them entirely, you’ll no doubt be aware that window shutters have a rather long history. While today for many, they may simply be an aesthetically pleasing window dressing, they actually have a history of protecting windows and still to this day provide a great barrier. How do we know this? Well, would you be surprised to learn that the very first window shutters came before glass windows?

A History Of Window Shutters

We know that window shutters first originated in ancient Greece but they appeared a little different to what we see today. Back in ancient Greece, window shutters were actually made of marble for the simple fact that wooden shutters hadn’t been invented yet. 

The marble window shutters were used to protect the home from the elements as glass was extremely expensive and therefore rarely used until more modern times. 

The marble shutters that were attached to these homes however, were very different structurally too as they were completely solid and non-moving. Living in the Mediterranean climate like this made them a great addition to the home as they allowed for maximum light and air while being able to help protect against the rain on the very rare occasion it occurred.

Fast forward to the Tudor times in the UK and shutters had evolved to being made from wood. This made them a lot easier to open and close which made them much more suited to the inclement weather in this country. While still very different to what we know and love today, they were becoming far more in line with what you’ll find at the likes of Diamond Shutters, one of the UK’s leading window shutter suppliers

These styles of window shutter were secured to the inside wall and then subsequently folded back so that they became flush with the home’s internal walls. When closed, the wooden panels were held securely with a metal bar or a larger piece of wood. Thankfully today, window shutters are much more pleasing on the eye and far less industrial in appearance.

Once glass became more attainable, instead of removing window shutters, window shutters merely evolved to allow for glass to be added into the window space. 

Today’s Window Shutters By The Best

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