6 Ceiling Design Ideas to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Commercial Space

When commercial space managers look for ways to update the look and functionality of their property, some of them don’t really think about the ceiling, the so-called “fifth wall” of any room. After all, they might think that occupants and visitors wouldn’t survey the ceiling and its fixtures as much as they would the walls and floors, as well as the furnishing and décor that adorn the interiors of a commercial space. In truth, however, ceilings contribute quite a lot to the overall beauty of such a space—and this is already in addition to their protective, acoustic, and space-maximizing functions.  

A ceiling can do a lot to communicate a business’s professionalism and its desire to welcome both occupants and guests. A well-designed ceiling contributes to the overall serviceability of a commercial space, in addition to making it more conducive to productivity and creativity. If your ceiling is not doing this for your commercial space, it might be time for an upgrade. 

But exactly what are the best ways to improve your ceiling’s aesthetic and functional characteristics? Here are six gorgeous ceiling ideas that are cost-efficient, practical, as well as beautiful to behold!

  • Suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings or dropped ceilings are very much in fashion in Australian corporate and commercial buildings. They make use of a second artificial ceiling layer—consisting of panels and tiles, grids, or other schematic—to obscure vents, pipes, wires, and any and all imperfections. And not only do suspended ceilings add a strong visual touch to the ceiling, they are also great in terms of muffling sound. A suspended ceiling will successfully level out unwanted noise in the area, making it easier for workers to concentrate.
  • Glossy stretch ceiling. Another type of ceiling that can improve the visuals of the upper space is the glossy stretch ceiling. The ceiling’s shiny reflective surface duly “stretches” the appearance of the room, and this makes the space seem much larger—as well as more luxurious—than it initially was. This is a great option if you want to instantly upgrade the look and feel of your commercial space. 
  • Custom ceiling fixture. A custom ceiling fixture works the same way a piece of statement jewelry does—it serves as a focal point or centerpiece for the space. Strong ceiling fixtures like large chandeliers or metal grids can also serve as a point of reference to occupants. They can hang above, and thus help people locate meeting rooms or common areas in the office. They will work especially well if you’ve adapted the “open-office” layout that’s becoming more popular in Australia. 
  • Uniform beams. Uniform beams, on the other hand, may afford a commercial ceiling a modern, geometric touch. With their emphasis on clean and sharply defined lines, uniform beams can help you imbue any commercial space with a classy and professional aura.
  • Wooden planks. For a rustic, homey touch that makes visitors feel welcome and relaxed, another good ceiling design option are wooden planks. Your interior designer can help you overlap the planks in creative ways, as well as mix and match wood grains, plank lengths, natural wood stains, and paint finishes. Such an approach to ceiling design will make your space look more warm, welcoming, and breathable. 
  • Custom mural. Why not encourage occupants and visitors to tilt their heads and look up more often with a custom ceiling mural? Choosing a beautiful and creative mural design and then executing it on your ceiling will likely make your workers and guests feel more inspired on a daily basis. 

With commercial ceiling solutions like a dropped ceiling, a custom fixture, wooden planks, and many others, bringing your commercial ceiling to the next level wouldn’t be too hard. A little additional work will go a long way in maintaining a beautiful, work-conducive space!


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