The 2 Best Curb Appeal Upgrades to Get You a Return on Investment

If you want to get the best return on investment (ROI), you need to make a great first impression when potential buyers arrive at your door.

We dug through Remodeling’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report to figure out what exterior upgrades you should make to get the best reaction from buyers and the best return on your money.

 These are the two best best curb appeal renovations to do in 2017, according to Remodeling’s newest report. Add these to your home facelift to-do list so that you can sell your house fast and for the most money possible.

 Home Siding (Manufactured Stone Veneer)

 This home siding update has an ROI of 89.4 percent, and adds an expensive look to your home without the high price tag. Manufactured stone veneer, which is hard to tell from its real stone counterpart, costs $7,851. This also saves you from replacing every piece of siding. Instead, the report suggests removing a 300-foot continuous band of siding from the bottom third of the front (street-facing) side of your home.

This DIY project is an easy one, even for the less-handy homeowners, but if you do want to hire a professional, you won’t be spending much more. “Choosing the panels over real stone not only saves you money in materials, but in labor costs as well. It’s faster, less disruptive, less messy and less expensive,” explain paneling experts.

Either way, you’ll recoup $7,019 and have brand new siding that won’t rot, warp, fade, crack or peel, regardless of exposure to sun, extreme humidity and more.

 Entry Door Replacement (Steel)

Making a great first impression with a brand new steel door will run you $1,413, but the value goes well beyond monetary. Steel doors are jacks of all trades; not only are they more resilient in inclement weather than traditional wood doors, but they boost insulation, add extra security to your home, and require less maintenance to keep in like-new condition, according to experts at

After installing yourself (which also saves on the cost of hiring a professional), you can plan to watch $1,282 of that money go back in your bank account when selling—that’s a 90.7 percent ROI. Ultimately, this will be a significant selling point when it comes time to list your home, for both aesthetics and the long list of cost benefits.

Before renovating, use this Home Value Estimator to get a ballpark estimate of what your home is worth. Then, after you’ve completed the renovations and get your home appraised, you’ll be able to see how much your home’s value changed.

When you get that number? All of your efforts will be worth it. Ready to get renovating?



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