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6 ways on how to use drones in your daily life

Sure, to most people this might sound like too much of a leap of faith. After all, it has only been a few years since drones have made their appearance. Also, let’s actually think about it – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions the word ‘drones’? In all probability, a really cool gadget that can be used for pictures and surveillance. However today, people are finding more and more innovative ways to use drones as well. You can check most of the drones before you buy from rental places like

Having said that, here are a few examples of the more unique ways that drones can be used :

selective focus photography of DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter drone
Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash
  • Pizza Delivery and Waiter Drones: Speaking of pizza delivery, you’d be both surprised and happy to know that in the U.S, Domino’s Pizza was one of the first to use drones for deliveries on an everyday basis.

    However, another U.K restaurant has taken it one step further by using drones as waiters. Now that would really be a sight for sore eyes. In this regard, the DJI Phantom 3 would probably be the best in this regard.


shallow focus photography of quadcopter
Photo by david henrichs on Unsplash
  • Real Estate Sales: Yes, believe it or not, this is actually true. Some people out there have actually used drones to capture some prime luxurious properties in Los Angeles and other places.

    Even though this is in the nascent stages, there is certainly potential for it to grow. I mean did you ever think that a drone would be able to make the decision of where you’d want to move next? On that note, the future is clearly right here!
  • selective focus photography of gray and black quadcopter drone
    Photo by Jonathan Lampel on Unsplash
    • Dronie/Drone Selfie: The craze and general appeal of taking a selfie are certainly not going away anytime soon. Now a drone can do that same job for you. However, there is an added benefit of having a drone. The benefit being that with a drone, you can have more than just a generic picture of yourself since a drone will be able to capture even the landscape and sky as well from different angles.
    person holding white drone with red and white cards
    Photo by Samsung Memory on Unsplash

    Given the rate at which technology is accelerating, surely it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that in the next five years, drones will be used in a myriad of ways. And indeed, some of those ways you and I probably won’t even be able to imagine right now. Literally on an everyday basis, drones are being studied and researched with reference as to how many more aspects of our lives can their overall use be applied to.

    white and black quadcopter hovering under blue skies
    Photo by Mitch Nielsen on Unsplash

    This reaffirms the fact that we will probably never be able to exactly pinpoint the overall trajectory of drone technology in the future (at least for the time being) due to technology itself being in a constant state of flux and change.

    Sure, for the time being, a lot of those ideas would seem too far fetched and out-there for our tiny brains to actually comprehend, but forget their potential for (probably) re-formatting entire industries in the future for now. The basic fact still remains that drone technology is still in its nascent stage. However, there is bound to eventually come a time when we start depending on drones for almost every single aspect of our life itself.


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