6 Gifts For First-Time Homeowners

Whether you are attending someone’s housewarming party or a moving celebration, it is important that you carry a small token of congratulations.

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The perfect gift will help them settle into their new home and give them a fresh beginning. Nonetheless, choosing the ideal gift for homeowners can be challenging.

The home buying process is often stressful and expensive, especially for first-time homeowners. So, your gift for them should be thoughtful and practical. For instance, a customized piece of artwork will be great to fill the empty walls. You can also give them small items they can use to build new memories in the space.

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If you struggle to find the right gift for first-time homeowners, there are several unique items to consider, including:

1. Yard Tools

Perhaps, one of the biggest challenges homeowners will have to deal with by moving into a new home is becoming responsible for yard maintenance. The chances are high that this might be their first time being in charge of their own lawn.

Practical gifts ideas for homeowners like them include garden hoses, rakes, flower pots, and tools like shovels. You might also want to consider gifting them yard décors like pink flamingos or iconic gnomes, based on their style. Alongside appearing as thoughtful, it will also help you prove you are a fun friend. What’s more, they will value how valuable the items are and remember you every time they use them.

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2. Wine

One simple and classic gift that you can give to new homeowners is a nice bottle of wine. It will show how considerate you are, alongside helping them make a toast to their new home and celebrate the new purchase in style.

Remember that a lot of people will bring wine to housewarming parties. So, don’t opt for the cheapest jug you can find at the grocery store. Instead, make sure it is a unique bottle apt for the special occasion. Of course, you can also choose to gift champagne or whatever the homeowner prefers.

3. Bedroom Basics

Moving to a new house comes with the added responsibility of buying the right décor and furniture. New homeowners will eventually have to spend a lot on new stuff to upgrade the various areas of their house and fill up the space. So, if you know the homeowner well, consider gifting them something they wouldn’t usually spend a lot of money on or something that suits their lifestyle.

A new mattress, bedding, room décor, etc., will make the cut. You can also take into consideration the homeowner’s characteristics to make the gift personal and unique. For instance, if they moved somewhere hot and humid and you know they’re a hot sleeper, get them a new window AC unit or cooling bamboo sheets.

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4. Gift Cards to Local Restaurants

Let’s face it, after weeks of moving, cleaning, and organizing, cooking dinner won’t be on a homeowner’s list of things to do. After all, moving to a new home is time-consuming, and the chances are that the homeowner doesn’t have enough time to cook. Giving the lucky homeowners gift cards to local restaurants will help them actually buy and eat something they actually want. This will also help them explore the new area.

5. Candles

You might probably be familiar with the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” When you move to a new house, you will likely miss the smell of your old home, making it hard to adjust to the new surroundings. So, if you know that the homeowner is worried about settling down with the new environment, consider gifting them a familiar smell. You can find unique candles that suit a person’s tastes and scents that bring back memories of the old place and time.

​​If you wish to move beyond traditional candles, a diffuser, essential oil kit, and air freshener can be equally valuable. Make sure you keep their scent preferences in mind. It will also be a twist on the classic gift.

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6. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning the house isn’t a fun task, and people rarely like doing it. Consider giving the homeowners a gift hamper of cleaning supplies because everyone needs it, though they aren’t fun to buy. The hamper should primarily include nice packaging and essential supplies.

Similarly, you can also gift them a gift certificate to a local cleaning service. This allows them to start off in a clean home. It also lets them kick back and actually enjoy their life in their new home.

Enjoy the Housewarming Party

If you still find it hard to find the perfect housewarming gift, remember that the rule of thumb is to get the homeowner something that fits their personality. If you don’t know the homeowner well, consider getting a functional piece that almost everyone will love. Lastly, have fun at the housewarming party.


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