Casino Design: The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

The main reason investors invest heavily in the casino business is to make a profit.

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Making a profit from the casino business entails making the players in the casino spend more time there. This is what leads to the development of sneaky tricks that are mainly focused on making your stay at the casino. Casino design and tricks date back to many years ago when the first casino was established.

There is a certain level of comfort and class that comes automatically when you enter a casino that keeps you in the casino longer than you anticipated. According to our expert Jacek Michałski (read more about this author), here are some sneaky tricks that make you spend more time in the casino which in turn makes you spend more money:

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No Wall Clocks

Have you noticed that most of the casinos do not have wall clocks? Well, this is not an interior design error but one of the most efficient sneaky tricks of a casino. Wall clocks are addictive and the human mind is wired to always look at the time. 

Lack of a wall clock in the casino means that you will not focus more on the time, rather all your focus will be on playing games in the casino. If a wall clock was available in casinos, then you would be conscious of the time you spent in the casino and you would most likely leave the casino.

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No Windows

Almost all casinos have no windows or have windows that are so high that you wouldn’t even notice they exist. This is not also an architectural error, but one that is carefully crafted for the sole reason of ensuring you spend more time in the casino. A window will let in light from the outside which helps you determine the time. This, however, cannot be achieved without windows. The casino is well lit in such a way that you do not realize if its day time or night.

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Attractive online casinos’ websites 

Casino psychology also works with Polish online casinos. Slots and kasyno na żywo  are strategically placed in areas where you can access them easily. Most of the Polish online casinos have easy navigation menus. 

Such sites also ensure that finding contact buttons is straightforward. The beauty of online casinos is that you don’t have to travel as you can create a gaming room at home

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Smooth Casino Music

The human mind is easily manipulated by existing surroundings. The most efficient tool in manipulating the human mind is music. The casino owners know this too well thus the investment in quality music. The music in the casino creates a much-needed ambiance for relaxation. Ranging from smooth jazz to amazing live karaoke, casino music will surely keep you relaxed which leads to spending more time in the casino.

Labyrinthine Design

Developed by the famous casino guru Friedman, the labyrinthine design is among the most successful sneaky tricks employed by casinos in Poland. The design can be seen as an architectural miss but this is not the case. If you are new to a casino, the probability of finding a restroom is very low. Thanks to the narrow pathways and many gaming rooms in the casino, you are bound to get lost in a new casino. The casino rooms that lead to the restroom are well lit and decorated in an enticing way to ensure you get an interest in them and play in them.

Intimate Settings

Human beings are intimate beings that fancy a little feeling of intimacy. Casino owners are well aware of this hence the rise of the architectural design of developing smaller casino rooms. The smaller the casino room, the higher the chances of socializing. The ceilings are also low enough to ensure the feeling of intimacy among players

Gambling Stations as Soon as You Enter the Casino

Casino architects are well aware of this sneaky trick. Few steps after entering a casino, you are sure to find a gambling machine. This helps to develop an attitude for gambling as soon as you enter the casino.

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Casinos Play on All of Your Senses

The best way to influence a human being is to work on their brain using all their senses. Casinos are fully aware of this and they bank on this sneaky trick to influence you to spend more time in the casino. Starting from your eyes, the artwork and lighting in the casino is custom made to impress your eyes. 

Playing cards and inserting coins in gambling, machines also influence your sense of touch. The fresh aroma that comes from casino scents are also custom-made to work on your sense of smell.

You can now tell how casinos work and the secret behind their design. You may never realize the sneaky tricks employed by the casino but they continue to be used to lure players to spend more time in the casino.


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