6 Major Differences between Front-Loading and Top-Loading Washing Machine

Basically washing machines are of two kinds based on their structure: one is front loading washing machine and another is a top loading washing machine. The main difference between these two is the way the laundry is placed in them. In front-loading, the lid is in the front and the laundry is placed from the side where in top-loading the lid is on the top and laundry is placed from there. Before buying a washing machine, you must know the way they function, their advantages and disadvantages.

Here we will compare them based on different factors.


#1 Structure and Working

In front-loading, the basket is placed in the horizontal direction with no use of agitator. There are paddles on the side of the basket which helps move the clothes and stir water while the basket rotates. The paddles help remove dirt from the clothes by creating friction.

The top loading washing machine plumbing London here at EmerGenie has a basket placed in vertical position. At the center of the basket there is one agitator placed on the vertical axis. This agitator is responsible for swirling of clothes in the alternate circular direction. The agitator has ridges on it which are responsible to push clothes to swirl along with the agitator. This alternate movement creates friction which removes dirt from the clothes.

Thus, the agitator in top-loading grabs and thrashes the clothes, where in front-loading paddles gently pick up the clothes and drop them into soapy water. The absence of agitator in front-loading makes gentle washing and drying of clothes, keeping them safe from being stretched or knotted by the agitator.


#2 Basket Capacity

In front-loading, you can place more clothes than top-loading because there is no agitator in the center. It means you can wash more clothes in one round than top-loading. It saves time if you have to do several rounds of washing.

#3 Price

The price of the front load washer is more than a top load washer. But, spending several hundred dollars more is really worth it because they are energy-efficient, so you will definitely save on your electricity bills. Moreover, they are bought once in 10-15 years or more, so it is worth to spend a little more on the front-loading machine.

#4 Electricity Usage

As there is no center agitator in front-loading, there is more space inside for clothes. It increases approximately 20% to 30% space for clothes. If you have a really big family and daily if you get so many clothes to wash, then front-loading can save your electricity bills by reducing the number of rounds than top-loading.

Also, the front-loading takes less time to dry the clothes transforming into shorter drying rounds and ultimately saving electricity.

#5 Water and Detergent Usage

The main advantage of front-loading over top-loading is it uses less water and detergent to wash clothes. The front-loading uses water by half the quantity of top-loading washing machine. It means half cut off on your water bills. Though you can use any kind of detergent in top-loading, but your selection must be limited in front-loading. You have to use an efficient detergent or less of your regular detergent in front-loading otherwise your laundry room will be filled with froth.


#6 Space consumption

The front-loading machine is quite compacted in size than top-loading. Also, you can stack front-loading on top of another, while you cannot stack top-loading one above another. Hence, it saves space in your laundry room.


Hence, front-loading washing machine turns out to be advantageous over top-loading as it saves time, effort, space and money and are energy efficient. It increases clothes life by softly washing and drying. Also it preserves water, one of the biggest environmental problems.

The drawback of front-loading machine is its initial cost, which is higher than top-loading, and no interruption of washing cycle. As soon as the front load is started, it cannot be opened again until it completes its round.

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