Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Garden

  It’s the season 

One of the greatest joys for anyone who took up gardening is when the seasons are changing and you finally get to decorate not only your house, but your garden as well. And on the plus side, it is not hard at all to decorate; also it is fun and easy to do.


Moreover, you can use seasonal plants and garden produce to decorate your home, this way you can show your neighborhood just what a green thumb you have.

Start with the most visible

It is a good idea to start with areas that are most visible and which be noticed immediately, it will be fun coming up with solutions as to what and which plants or produce to use. Moreover, you can buy new plants and plant them in your garden, to spice up the décor and your garden planting organization.fall produce

Also, try to decorate areas which you see daily, as it will also show you the fruit of your labor, after all, you do want to enjoy your own work. Remember to also use different elevation to combine your new plants or your garden products.

What to use?

Using pumpkins and gourds is perhaps the best idea, as it will breathe with a fall atmosphere. Planting corn will also give that special fall feeling and it will be a good reminder that the coming holidays are on the way. Moreover, who does not like freshly popped corn from the garden?

Furthermore, plating decorative and ornamental grasses which can survive the whole year will also give that authentic fall feeling. And you garden will look amazing and filled with warmth. Ornamental peppers are not only good for a late fall harvest, but they will look absolutely astonishing in your garden, and next to kale and cabbage it will be a perfect fall decorative composition. Visit your favorite flower shop in order to obtain the necessary seeds.fall decor

Colors are important

Decorating in the right color combination is essential to get the right fall atmosphere in your garden going. You will have to remember three color principals for fall decoration: the analogue colors, complementary colors and fall colors.



The analogue colors include red and orange, and when combining them, you will achieve harmony and rest. If you want a calming effect in your garden where you can sit down and relax, then this is the perfect combination for you.

The complementary colors include red and yellow, and when paired together, they will give off a contrastive décor. However, this high contrast breathes with vividness and energy, great for people who would like a refreshing walk through the garden to regain their strength.

And finally the fall colors contain all the warm colors like red, yellow, orange and even some shades of purple and brown. With these color combinations you will also create a calming and refreshing garden décor that is sure to leave anyone in awe. More than that you will welcome fall with an open door.

Ariel Bellamy, a blogger in love with life, writing and design always trying to stretch her creativity and find new ways to express herself. She is currently impressed by the power of flowers, and has a great deal of help from Jodie McGregor Flowers from Sydney.


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