6 Modern and Creative Stool Designs

Thousands of stool designs are nowadays available and finding the perfect stool should be very easy, but sometimes we are overwhelmed by such a wide range of choices and we decide quite hard on a model. Many colors, various eye-catching shapes, designed with different techniques, they all seem wonderful whether they have traditional, rustic or contemporary and unusual approach. We love those modern and creative designs which explore geometric shapes and combine different materials in a unique manner, that why for today we’ve gathered for you 6 original looking stool designs with modern attractive appearance. Have a look and tell us what is your favourite and where would you use it.


Surrounded Stools

designer: Els Woldhek

Surrounded Stools have a unique and cheerful design approach which invigorates any possible home decor. The stools have vibrant colored tops with gorgeous intricate patterns handmade with a simple technique which is based on rope making. The soft cushion seat is created by twisting bright colorful threads around a circular base in a manner that keeps them twined and in their place. From these images they look quite comfortable. We like especially with their thin legs painted at the end with the same color as their tops. They are so cute!



Photo © Els Woldhek

Rings stool

designer: Nao Tamura for Artek

Nao Tamura designed a special edition stool to celebrate designer Alvar Aalto’s Stool 60’s 80th anniversary. Rings stool, as it was named,  features a cross section of an 80 year old tree on its top, where rings evoke the passage of 80 years of time.  Some lines speak of seasons of plenty, while others cry of famine, and their size is never the same. A beautiful geometric shape and a complex, organic graphic of life  is a very original idea for a stool design that could be a timeless piece used for outdoor or indoor settings.




Photos © Nao Tamura

Ki-Oke stool

designer: OeO Design Studio

Presented at Maison et Objet 2013 in Paris, the ‘Ki-Oke stool’ features a handcrafted design which brings together Western sensibilities and fine tradition of Kyoto wood craftsmanship. Designed by OeO and handcrafted in Japan by Shuji Nakagawa for Japan Handmade, Ki-Oke  stool brings the beauty of the Japanese design aesthetics in a modern  and playful approach. It’s available in Japanese cypress (sawara) and in a limited edition of lignified Japanese cedar (jindai-sugi).



Photos © Shuji Nakagawa

Eroded Stools

designer: I M Lab

Eroded Stools -a meaningful name describing exactly these unusual yet versatile and eye-catching stools designed initially for a wine testing room in the north east of Italy. With a cube-like shape excavated beautifully on a side, the Eroded stools can be a great addition in different kinds of private and public spaces and we’re sure eco-enthusiasts will love it because besides their beautiful appearance, they’re also green furniture pieces, made from cork, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, in combination with colorful fabric (felt). Each stool has 2 part – one hard the other soft – one constant and the other changeable.



Photos © I M Lab Ltd

Tandem stool

designer: Geoffrey Graven

Selected as the winner of the Wood Stock design contest, showcased at Maison&Objet, Paris 2012, is a versatile and stylish stool design great for modern homes, especially for those where every inch counts. Although it’s still a prototype, we’re delighted to discover it to share with you its beautiful multipurpose design. With various colorful tops and white oak, matt satin finish, “Tandem” stool features a round coffee table and enough space beneath to store your favourite magazines or books and have them wherever you’ll place the stool.



Photos © Geoffrey Graven

Dome Stool

designer: Toer

The combination between wood and steel in creating the Dome Stool makes a nice contrast, but the surprising geometric top with a round shape reminiscent of structures used in architecture mixed with beech wood give the stool an amazing yet honest look that will spice up any home. Eighty curved steel rods spring out of the wooden base building a transparent polar array, like the pantheon, which gives you the impression you’re sitting on air. Although the metal shape looks airy and lightweight, in fact is strong enough to support you.



Photos © Stoer


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