Original LEGO Artwork -Playful LEGO Lamps from Sean Kenney

“A new twist on classic design” -this is how Sean Kenney describes his great-looking LEGO-built lamps, a new addition to its already large and appreciated portofolio of original LEGO artworks. Available in 5 styles and 10 colors, these colorful and stylized lamps are the result of  the recent collaboration between Sean Kenney and designer Jung Ah Kim and proves that when combining creativity with familiar LEGO bricks  there is no way not to obtain something special. Merging both classical and modern-era styling, LEGO lamps are a wonderful décor idea, that embellishes almost any interior.

Their playfulness is given by their genuine sculptural base with beautiful texture and shape made of LEGO bricks, which is paired with a white classic lampshade that softly diffuses light creating a pleasant atmosphere. The reconfiguration of the orthogonal LEGO blocks showcases an interesting pixel surface with smooth curves that fascinates you. It has a cord with on/off switch button  and accomodates up to 40W type G bulb, which is not included. Hand-made in Brooklyn, USA, can be designed on request with your favourite color and patterns, incorporating even your name or your company logo if you want. Have a look and check out also Sean Kenney‘s website for more pictures and details.






Photos © Sean Kenney

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