6 Reasons to Use Frameless Shower Door for Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is always a huge project and the kind that many of us will want to plan for every little detail to ensure everything is perfect.

One of those small but crucial decisions that you will need to make when undertaking a bathroom renovation is the shower door to use. A shower door does much more than just keep water out of the rest of the bathroom, and so you need to make sure you make the right choice.

While you will typically need to choose between the framed and frameless shower doors, the latter seems more popular nowadays, and here we explain why you should also consider it for your bathroom.

What is a Frameless Shower Door?

Sliding glass shower doors have almost become the standard as you will hardly find anything else in most modern homes. Many of these will be made from a thinner gauge glass that will hardly be over 3/16 inches thick, and so they will rely on a thick metal frame for strength.

With the frameless shower doors, on the other hand, there is no metal frame as they are typically made from thicker glass which is often at least 3/8 inches thick and will hence not need any extra support.

Frameless shower doors help address common framed shower door issues such as rusting and seals collecting mold or mildew, and it is also more aesthetically appealing.

But, like with the framed shower doors, you need to make sure you choose a good frameless door as they are not all made the same. You can check out some good options designed to not only look good but also last longer at homegearx.com.

Reasons to Use Frameless Shower Doors

For some homeowners, a frameless shower door will be the preferred option as it looks nice and trendy while others will go for it simply because they believe it is the current standard option. But, these doors come with many benefits and the following are just some of the main ones.

They Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Bathrooms will often feel small and cramped especially with the ever-reducing size of many modern homes. But, simply using frameless shower doors you can make yours feel a little larger than its actual size.

With no frames to fill up your space, frameless shower doors will help to open up space and hence allow your vision to travel through across for you to get a view of the entire room which makes it feel relatively larger.

More Customization Options

Frameless shower doors are not as static as the framed ones, and so they will allow you to easily customize them to suit your specific needs or blend in with the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom.

Most allow you to choose from different hinge and slide options, and you can also have one custom made to your specific dimensions and design.

Also, with some brands, you will even get the option of having some unique coatings on the door which helps to minimize maintenance and also keeps the door looking new much longer.

With this door, the glass will simply be cut to your specifications, and so you can almost be certain that you will end up with a unique shower door.

Show Off your Bathroom Design

Opaque and framed shower doors have a tendency of blocking out other things like tiles and will often make the shower cube look like a giant box in the middle of the room and hence drawing attention away from all the other lovely things in the bathroom.

But with the transparent and frameless shower doors, nothing will be out of sight, and so you can be certain that all the elegant fixtures and sleek tiles will be more visible and hence making your bathroom look even more amazing.

With these doors, you get a crystal clear view of all the nice colors and accents in the bathroom which allows for a more spectacular aesthetic appreciation.

Get All Natural Light Inside

Natural light comes with many benefits for any room including the bathroom, and so the more of it you can get in there the better.

From getting more vitamin D to easier and more precise makeup application, you will be happy to have more natural light in the bathroom. With the frameless shower doors that is exactly what you get.

The clear glass and the absence of a metal frame mean there is nothing to block out the light, and so provided there is some light outside, you will get more than enough of it in the bathroom. This also helps save energy as you will not need to switch on the lights during the day.

Minimize the Risk of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can be nasty and given the damp conditions in the bathroom, they can easily start growing if they find a conducive habitat.

With the framed shower doors, there are more than enough places for mold and mildew to hide given all those joints in the frame and the spaces between the metal and glass.

But with the frameless glass shower doors, they will not have anywhere to hide, and because these doors are also easier to clean, there will be minimal risk of mold or mildew growth.

Creates a Spa-Like Experience

That calm and luxurious feeling you get when at a spa is often brought about by the choice of fixtures. You can also bring the spa-like experience to your bathroom by simply using the frameless shower doors.

With this door, your bathroom will feel more open, and it will be much more luxurious than using regular framed doors or even shower curtains. Better yet, there will be no visual obstructions, and this can help keep you calm when in the bathroom.


There is no doubt that you will need a shower door whether you are finishing up a new bathroom or are giving your old one a much-needed facelift. And when it comes to shower doors nothing works better than the frameless shower door.

Besides giving your space a touch of elegance, you will also get an easier to maintain bathroom door that allows in more natural light and also minimizes the likelihood of mold or mildew growth. Better yet, it also makes your bathroom feel more luxurious for a spa-like experience.


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