Moving to a new place to raise your family is never an easy decision to make. You need to make sure that all aspects that would affect your family is covered, such as education, crime and safety, recreation, and so much more. Even the strongest of men can feel a hint of anxiety over the entire prospect, hoping and praying they make the right decision.

It does help if you make an informed decision at the very least. To help you do just that, we’ve prepared this concise, yet comprehensive, guide on the city of Princeton, New Jersey, and why it just might be the best place to raise a family.


Princeton was once home to the Lenni Lenape Native Americans, at a time when the city was nothing more than woodlands surrounding the nearby Stony Brook. It was not until the late 17th Century that Europeans started to settle in the area. Shortly after the town’s founding, the College of New Jersey was established, which is known today as Princeton University.

The city also played a significant role in the American Revolution, as the site of the Battle of Princeton, where George Washington defeated the British and forced them to evacuate the city. The historical significance of Princeton did not end there. In fact, it has played as a major hub during both the stagecoach and rail era. This is mainly due to Princeton’s location between two important economic cities, New York and Philadelphia.


Crime and safety is one of the most important factors when judging a new place to live. Luckily, Princeton comes out with flying colors in this regard. Violent crimes are almost non-existent, with only 22 reported incidents in 2018, 16 of which were assaults and the rest were robbery related. Compared to the national average of 286 and 136 for assault and robberies, respectively, this number is insignificant.


As far as higher learning goes, Princeton University has that covered! As for the public school system, Princeton is proud to boast of possessing one of the best education systems in the country. Princeton High School has a qualification rate of 95%, meaning 95 out of every 100 students graduate high school. For this proud achievement, the school even won a gold medal from the US News and World Report – National Rankings.

The elementary and middle schools in the area are just as proficient with education and learning. The school system caters to the children in the area by having four elementary schools and one middle school which feeds directly to Princeton High School. The credit for such a brilliant performance does go to the children, but the Princeton Regional School System also deserves its fair share of praise.


We hope the above information is able to give you some peace of mind in making your decision. In addition to the above factors, there’s also a lot of activities for the entire family, including hiking, museums, restaurants, and so much more! If you’re looking for some houses in the area, we suggest using a reliable realtor like Callaway Henderson Real Estate.


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