6 Things That You Should Not Try to Do With Your Number Plate

Getting your number plates personalized can be a fun thing and it also completely depends upon you. But you should also have to be careful with your number plate as it is the unique number that identifies your car legally.

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If you want to know what are the things that you should not do with our car’s number plate then go through this article thoroughly.

Do Not Lose Them

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This is the worst thing that you can imagine. If police find you on the road with a vehicle that does not have a number plate then they will hardly waste a time to issue a fine against you. So it is advisable to check the number plate before taking your vehicle out on the road. Besides falling, chances of theft are also there, you should immediately call the police if you suspect anything like this.

Do Not Add Screws or Bolts

If you want to personalize your number plate then get it from the professionals. Do not add screws or bolts to your number plate unnecessarily. You will end up getting a fine if caught by the police if you do so. There are some specific formats for number plates in the law, so do not mess around with them.

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Do Not Swap Them

As said in the previous point, number plates must follow a specific format as mentioned by the law. If you think that the color of your number plate is just for attractiveness then you are wrong. There are also some rules for this. Your number plate has to be reflex-reflective with white at the front, or yellow at the back provided it was issued during the year 1973. There is no need to say that you will surely end up getting a fine if caught swapping your number plate.

Do Not Use Unregistered Plate 

This is a very important point. Always remember it is prohibited to ride a vehicle that does not have a registered number plate. If you want you can get a personalized number plate that is completely up to you but the law will come to interfere if they find that the number plate is not registered. Do not try your luck; do not take your vehicle out on the road in public if you do not have a registered number plate.

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Do Not Alter Its Position

If you want to make your vehicle look cool then try some other methods but do not change the position of the number plate. You must have guessed what could happen if you do anything like this? You will be fined. According to Express, the DVLA could charge £1,000 if they find you have done something extreme with your number plate.

Do Not Flags

If you feel that you will put the flag of your favorite sports team on your number plate then you are likely to get fined. If you are a big fan of some sports team then you wear their jersey, or add the flag somewhere else but not on the number plate.

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay


Here we are. These are some important things that you must not do with your number plate. Your number plate is completely yours but the law is the law and we all have to abide by it. 


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