Important BBQ Grill Features You Must Not Ignore

Due to numerous grill manufacturers, it’s become challenging for consumers to take a pick. For example, do you want a back burner, or should you look for the infrared burner? Should you invest in a brass burner or go for a stainless burner?

Here we are mentioning the most crucial BBQ grill’s components that you must look for during your purchase to clear all such doubts.

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The two most important things that you must not miss about a burner are how much heat it produces and its warranty. Most manufacturers spotlight only the heat that the burner produces, but ultimately, most of those burners fail over time. When you don’t want to regret it later, do pay attention to the warranty. Having said that, don’t rely on unknown manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty as you’ll never know when they go out of business.

Infrared Sear Burner

Manufacturers influence consumers to buy an infrared sear burner. But before you fall for their trap, ask yourself, do you need an infrared sear burner? While for some people, the burner makes a lot of sense, but it’s good for nothing for others. For example, a sear burner isn’t necessary if your grills make enough heat.

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Rotisserie Back Burner

If you’re a fan of rotisserie, a back burner is a must. With the heat at the back, you don’t have to worry about dripping grease from the meat or pay attention to the burners that they will catch fire. Efficiently, the heat source will move to the back without damaging the meat, and you can place a pan under the meat to collect drippings. However, to keep such types of parts, you need quality bbq covers. So, make sure that you always have a cover to protect it when you are not using the bbq. 

Flavour Grids

In any gas grill, the middle layer is for the production of aroma, smoke, and flavour. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the material as it’s the heat that matters. To make your decision easier, look for answers to these questions about flavour grids:

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● How easy is it to clean?

● Is there a warranty like burners?

● Do they produce even heat to the grilling surface?

● How easily grease passes through to eliminate the flare-ups?


Igniters are the weakest component with a shorter warranty than other components of BBQ grills. Generally, there are three types of igniters. First, the battery igniters fail, and you need to replace the battery now and then. The second is a mechanical igniter – it produces an electrical charge when the hammer strikes on the quartz crystal. The last options and most reliable type is the one that uses electricity for the production of heat.

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Now, you know the various components of BBQ grills that you must pay attention to. If you’re looking for such accessories, look online for the trusted and most reliable suppliers. You can get them in affordable prices. 


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