6 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Porch Makeover

Is your porch looking worn and shabby? Do you feel envious looking at your neighbor’s flashy porch? Don’t worry, we have all been there.

Everyone wants a porch that makes them glow with pride. We all want that area where we can relax, a shiny, well organized outdoor space that will “wow” our guests.

We grow tired of looking at the same old porch. Years of neglect and a lack of renovation can turn your outdoor space into an eyesore. The idea of a makeover sounds like it will make a hole in your pocket.

You are Lucky to Have a Porch

Not everyone owns a house with a porch. Having a space where you can create a relaxation zone is a blessing. You can have your own little retreat inside the comfort of your own house.

The cost of building a porch may feel like a bit much, and the returns of having one are way too many to ignore. This investment is worth every penny.

If you do own a porch and let it fall into disuse, it’s your own loss! Don’t give up on the idea of an outdoor space makeover simply because of money. Check out these six budget-friendly tips that can give you the porch of your dreams.

Make a Fresh Start

Start fresh for your makeover. Throw out the worn out and shabby furnishing. Declutter your porch and make the space completely empty.

Take an entire weekend and get to the porch cleaning. The idea is to make the area squeaky clean.

First, you have to dust the entire space. Yes, this means every inch of the ceiling. Catch the cobwebs and the years of dust clinging to the ceiling. Use a vacuum on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Scrub the windows, walls, columns, and rails with soapy water. You can use a sponge or a scrubbing brush. Chip off old paint jobs from the surfaces. After cleaning, don’t let the porch gather dust and always keep it clean.

Stain, Seal, and Color

Porches are usually made of weather-treated wood, but that doesn’t mean it won’t lose the gleam. The most basic thing you can do after scrubbing your external wood is applying a quality stain on it.

The stain will keep it looking new and weather-protected. To save money, you can stain the wood by yourself. Try using a wood conditioner before applying the layer of stain.

You can also treat the wood properly, which will involve more hard work, including a thorough cleaning and sanding.

Make your outdoor vibrant by adding some color to it. Try painting the outer wood, including the rails and columns. A shiny coat of paint is the perfect budget-friendly change you can make on your own.

Create a Seating Area

We always pictured hanging out on the porch during the summer. You should create an area to sit and enjoy the sunlight.

First, think of what kind of seating arrangement you want. You can have something as simple as a wooden bench, or you can opt for something like a set of recliners.

No matter what you choose, buying new furniture will make a hole in your pocket. Try buying second hand furniture online. You will find many websites that sell formerly owned furniture at a lower rate. Also, check out the flea markets and garage sales.

Lastly, if you want something brand new, try making it by yourself. Check out these DIY external furniture ideas you might love making.

Magic of Lighting

Add a little magic to your outdoor space with lights. No one wants to spend time somewhere dark and gloomy. A bit of creativity with lights can make your porch look warm and welcoming.

For cheap lighting, consider hanging fairy lights or paper lanterns. Both are widely available for purchase, and you can find them in various styles. Try hanging them along the edges or your porch, or you can make a canopy of fairy lights above you.

The trick is to know where you can place the lights. You can line the borders of your ceiling with yellow bulbs, you can attach side lanterns to the overhanging frame, or you can also place thick candles or mason jar fairy lights on table tops or rails.

A Floral Delight

Another way of adding colors to your porch is by decorating it with flowers. You can place vases of colorful flowers around your porch to brighten up your outdoor relaxation area.

If you are looking for a more permanent flowering solution, we suggest adding flowering plants. Flowering plants don’t only beautify your porch, but they provide oxygen too. Select colorful flowers to make it vibrant.

Having plants in your outdoor space will also give you a reason to spend time there, reducing the possibility of neglect. You get an excuse to take on gardening as if you needed one.

Go for fragrant flowers like rose, jasmine, etc. They will perfume your outdoor space and make spending time there more appealing.

Porch Swings!

When you make a budget for the makeover, select one thing you are willing to spend some money on. If there is one thing you want to splurge on, let it be a porch swing. Who doesn’t love porch swings?

It is the perfect addition to your outer space. It is that one thing everyone will enjoy. Just imagine spending a lazy afternoon reading a book on the swing. It’s just what you need to relieve all your stress.

Adding a swing instantly changes the look of your deck. If you find that swings are expensive, try finding a used one. If that doesn’t work for you, try making one by yourself, but be careful. Check out these wonderful DIY porch swing ideas.

Final Thoughts

A porch makeover doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. A little hard work and creativity can turn your outdoor space into your own little haven.

What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and make the desired changes you want to your patio. Next time you have guests over, you can show it off with pride.


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