6 Tips for a Small Dining Room

There’s something special about having an entire room devoted to enjoying meals. Especially these days, when we have less time than ever, dining rooms really call for a long meal where nobody rushes off to take care of the dishes. Simple spaces by nature, dining rooms are these days more welcoming and attractive than ever. If before a dining area meant to be that separate, formal room used only on special occasions and holidays, in many homes nowadays it seems to have a more open concept both in terms of functional role and aesthetic one, being connected to other rooms and making use of a one end of a kitchen, a family room or a living room.

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No matter what functions do you assign these spaces, it’s important to give to their overall  appearance an original touch and personality, enhancing them every time you can with a centerpiece, fragrant candles, interesting fruit bowls or a charming chandelier. There are many available ideas on the Internet on how to design dining rooms, but these 6 tips we’ll share with you are very useful for those of you who have a small dining room.

1. Deaden the Acoustics. The acoustics of a room is an important aspect, particularly if we refer to small dining rooms. It’s not a very pleasant feeling when conversations boom and reverberate because of its plain walls and woodblock flooring, so it’s necessarry to deaden the acoustics. Two ways that help to absorb the sound waves and hear what people are saying around you are the following: prefer fabric wall-coverings and wallpapers instead of paint or paneling, and use a tablecloth for your rustic wood table or your highly polished one, even though they look better without it. Besides the fact that it will protect against scratches and damage over time, it will also absorb sound waves.

2. Use Adequate Furniture. Don’t overrate your dining space area and choose furniture only in terms of design, because you like it. In a small room functionality should be a priority, but obviously without sacrificing the form, the design of the furniture pieces. To make the best use of your small dining room, opt for a round dining table which you can seat more table than on a rectangular one for example and the room’s circumference will look larger. Another great idea could be choosing extendable tables, which are great when you have more guests than usual or unexpected ones. You can fit all your beloved ones around it. When it comes to chairs, select those that give the impression of space between people, armless and slender dining chairs would be the ideal choice. Cabinets or bufetts should also be selected according to the space of the room.

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3. Light Colors. For a small dining room it’s highly recommended to avoid dark shades because will make the space look smaller. So, light colors are the most suitable for such a room. Whites and pastels can be accented using a bright contrasting color in case you want to draw attention to some particular decorative items or furniture chairs, without overuse it. For instance, try brightly-colored wall-coverings for an accent wall, while the others are in white or in neutral tones or whatever works better for you.

4. Lighting for Maximum Effect. A small dining room should benefit from plenty natural light and windows must be as large as possible, with a single wide pane of glass than multiple smaller ones. Try to have fewer curtains than before and avoid dark window furnishings. Use instead bright colors such as yellow or red curtains which accentuate the light coming from outside, while contrasting beautifully with vinyl or white wooden frames. Artificial light is better to be subtle but sufficient, sparkling but not too bright. If you have a small table which you want to make it look larger, than buy a small chandelier. Other options could be overhead spotlights or ceiling space lighting. Take into consideration that a low ceiling shoudn’t be obscured with any kind of low level of upward lighting or maybe only partically.

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5. Use Mirrors. To increase the apparent size of a small dining room, mirrors are another significant options, because they make good use of light if they are well arranged. Whether they are reflecting each other, a single light source or even spotlights, or sparkling silver or glassware, this kind ot trick will have an interesting visual impact.

6. Promote conversation. Besides the previously mentioned ideas, to create a memorable dining experience need some focus on tableware, accessories and fabrics too. Even though your centerpieces, flower vases or bowls are extremely beautiful and goes perfect with the rest or the decor, keep in mind that they are quite disturbing because guests could not see or talk to each other very well. So, it is better to search for low-level vases or other accessories. Sparkling glasses always look good at a dinner table, so the stemware should be crystal if possible. Adding an unexpected design twist, and every meal will be much more special.

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