7 Features to Create a Stylish Modern Kitchen

Have you dreamed about changing your old kitchen appearance into a stylish, modern kitchen and you don’t know where to start? We thought you might find useful some tips that will guide you towards this design style, which is very popular nowadays. Less is more seems to describe very good the modern minimalist kitchen: extreme accuracy, simplicity, without heavy background, geometric shapes with clean, no detailed surfaces. Illustrating perfectly forms simplified as much as possible, this modern minimalist design is exactly the opposite of the classic style. From appliances, furnishings, tiles to lighting, colors and accessories, every detail is very important in order to achieve the overall effect that you’re looking for. Start by thinking of these 6 key features we give you in today’s post.

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1. Modern Appliances. No minimalist kitchen is complete without ultra-modern appliances. Think about more space-efficient options and choose cookers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, coffee makers, knife holders, food processors made from stainless steel because it gives them that durable, fresh and modern feel.

2. Sleek Cabinets. Simple and unadorned furniture is a “must” for this style. Cabinetry is usually taken to the ceiling to avoid dust traps and unsightly gaps. Handles and knobs are made of  chrome or stainless steel in most cases, and their keep the same simple, steamlined appearance as the cabinetry itself. Clutter has no place in a modern kitchen, so there is a variaty of storage options to choose from, which include waste bins, opening systems, pull out drawers, corner units, rails and mid-way wall items.

3. Modern Countertops. Marble countertops are superior substitute for granite and are perfect for creating that cool, minimalist look. With sharp lines and a dash of color, they make a big impact below the kitchen wall tiles. The right countertop should combine three important characteristics like durability, easy maintenance and visual appeal. There are many options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but for a modern stylish look, countertops with sleek, clean appearance are increasingly more popular: stainless steel, glass, concrete, wood for a rich, warm look, etc.

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4. Kitchen Wall Tiles. Versatile and beautiful, kitchen wall tiles are one of the most interesting and essential elements of a kitchen design. Besides their functional role which is to protect walls from cooking splashes and water damage, they help you to find the overall look of the kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary. For an ultra-modern design, bold and colorful tiles are preferred, as well as silver and graphite design for a more industrial feel.

 5. Colors. Change the colors you’ve been staring at for years with new, high quality paint in modern tones that will match very well the furniture and tiles’ color. You can choose whatever color schemes you like for this style, but again according to color’s psychology, in a kitchen is best to use bright, optimistic colors such as red, orange, green that give a resonant and stimulating aspect to the space. For example, nuances of yellow and red are great for standing things out if you don’t want to use them on a larger surfaces. You can use smaller amounts for accessories, flowers or pictures. Gentle colors such as grey, pale blue, cream and white work very good too. Moreover, very popular are also the monochromatic effects, while high gloss colors provide a greater impact. If you have an open- space kitchen, opt for a lighter contrast in color if you don’t want your kitchen visually dominates the living space.

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6. Recessed Lighting. As times are changing, kitchen lighting also become more diverse, flexible and sophisticated. Recessed lighting and halogens are very popular for giving that cooler and more striking appearance that a modern kitchen have. Placed under the cabinets or in the ceilings, they save space and enhance other features of the kitchen by creating interesting shadows. Another option in trend nowadays are over-sized industrial shapes of pendant lighting with chrome or metallic finishes, which are softer, more flattering and much smarter than spotlights. For example, to provide a focal point in a design and a gentle pool of light, a low hanging pendant is the ideal choice.

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7. Modern Accessories. In these days you’ll find a wide range of accessories for any style you want and also for any budget you have. It’s necessary to choose modern, functional design for accessories because these ones are suitable for a clean, minimalist kitchen style. They should add a simplistic, natural and also stylish touch to the kitchen, accessories that don’t sacrifice imagination for sophistication.

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