6 Unique Ways Your Garden Can Add Property Value

Gardens can send house prices soaring. Not only this, but they can be characterful inflections of a property, too, serving up a delightful first impression for many prospective buyers. 

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After all, the very presence of a garden can be a selling point these days. Last year, it was highly recommended to make a garden look nice so that a property can be more easily sold. Not only this, but access to green spaces topped search priorities for what people wanted in their next home. 

There is a real yearning for lush garden spaces nationwide today. Whether you are looking to sell now, imminently, or in the far-off future, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor areas as profitable additions to your property. 

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Of course, homes go off the market much faster if they have a ‘wow’ factor. You need to look beyond basic garden maintenance here. Keep reading to see how you can implement these variables into your garden. 

Use Hedgerows as a Security Feature

Gardens commonly feature high fences or towering brick walls. While effective in their use, they can also be dreadful to look upon, which could deter prospective buyers from making an offer. 

Fortunately, there is a way to both safeguard your property and make the perimeter appealing. Installing tall hedgerows around the borders of your garden may be the solution. For example, these additions can: 

  • Be so thick that trespassers could never hope to pass through. 
  • Sometimes be a way of detecting disturbances should you hear any rustling. 
  • Give shelter to creatures such as birds or even serve as their home. They can also be a source of food for some bugs. 
  • Communicate your want for privacy without being too telling about it. After all, tall security fences may indicate to burglars that riches and rewards await on the other side. Alternatively, hedgerows will block their views entirely and may rise taller than your average fence or wall too. 
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There is an appeal in a property that can be both stylish and practical in equal measure. Hedgerows in your garden can have that effect. Their presence may also indicate to potential buyers that the previous owner was savvy and efficient, which bodes well for the rest of their viewing. 

Have a Theme in Place

Gardens can benefit from having a particular look about them. Striving for a specific theme can help your outdoor areas seem well organised and more lovingly created. 

There are many exciting routes you could explore here. You could create something akin to a tropical paradise or perhaps create a zen outdoor area with Japanese influences. Experiment with foliage, colour schemes, or even pond life to bring a unique sense of appeal to the space. 

Try not to worry about any choices polarising prospective buyers. Remember that you’re showing them the potential of the space and that they can incorporate their own ideas after you have gone. Ultimately, your level of creativity could inspire the viewer’s own. 

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Create Social Spaces 

Gardens aren’t just places for plants, dirt, and greenhouses. They can also be charming areas where anything from humble gatherings to full-blown parties are ably hosted. 

You could create a quaint little seating area with cosy and comfortable outdoor furniture. However, some buyers only pay attention to maintaining these purchases on the first day, so be sure to maintain everything over time. Remember, it’s all frequently exposed to the elements, and a good clean wouldn’t go amiss. 

Additionally, it may be worth incorporating barbecues or even bars into the space. After that, shroud the area with some twinkling fairy lights and lush plant life, and you’ll have a cosy den for you and your guests to enjoy. All of this can sit on a perfect patio area as well, so be sure to get creative and field all your options. 

Feature a Veranda 

Of course, the problem with outdoor social settings is that you are exposed to things like wind and rain. However, this may not always be necessary. 

Verandas are a great addition to a garden space, serving as glass patio roof structures. They can overhang your seating areas and protect them from things like water damage or strong wind gusts from overturning expensive items. In that regard, they can be a cost-effective inclusion, as they will reduce the need for repairs and replacements. For all of these reasons, they can boost the value of your property considerably. 

Companies like Nationwide LTD have a selection of verandas for you to browse at your leisure. Here, you have access to a range of shading solutions and options for additional heating or lighting. They can generally be installed in one day, and you can kickstart the process with a free no-obligation consultation. Take your time and consult the experts as you go through your many options. 

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Convert Your Shed

Sheds can be a bother for a property owner who isn’t very DIY oriented. It can essentially become a room that houses spiders and causes unused tools to gather dust. 

Why not turn your shed into something more exciting? For instance, some influencers have even converted their sheds into quirky cocktail bars, injecting a whole new type of tone and character into their property. It’s undoubtedly somewhat original and could make your green spaces far more dynamic. 

Even if the next owner isn’t a fan of cocktails, changes such as these can still spark their imaginations. If a shed can become a cocktail bar, what else could it become? A study? A gaming area? Getting the ball rolling on their imagination can be enough to make property viewers put down a deposit. 

Repurpose Items

Rustic gardens often reuse certain items. Doing this can create an air of charming efficiency. 

Multiple ideas can excite you here. You could:

  • Feature old ladders as outdoor shelving units. 
  • Turn tyres, teapots, pans, and draws into makeshift plant pots. 
  • Use worn down window frames as stands for succulent flowers.
  • Transform a wooden pallet into a DIY coffee table. 
  • Place a mirror in the garden to create a space that feels lighter and more spacious.

These are just a few ideas that people use to develop a delightful garden space. There are dozens of more ideas, too, so be sure to do some independent research so that you can decide what ideas work best for you. Be sure that other members of your household are okay with your arrangements, too, especially if certain belongings are shared or cherished by others. 

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Highlight Growth

The options raised so far could be considered to be quite stylish. However, some people prefer their gardens to be more practical spaces, and that’s fair as well. 

Instead of simply planting an array of pretty in-season flowers, why not grow something more ambitious? The addition of a greenhouse in your garden can give you the perfect conditions to grow more delicate vegetables at your leisure.

Additionally, thanks to features such as temperature control, you can also feasibly grow plants and vegetables all year round with few worries about weather patterns. The flexibility factor can be highly appealing for other greenhouse enthusiasts too. 

Each iteration of a greenhouse can be slick aesthetically too. They can be small and cutesy or elaborate and sophisticated. Either avenue will still give you a resourceful addition to your garden and open up more possibilities of what people can get up to with the space. 


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