Wooden House Interior: Design And Decoration

Wooden houses have a special charm. It is not for nothing that psychologists say that natural materials give a person a sense of calm and comfort.

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In order for the housing to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, it is important to competently think over the interior of the log house. Ammache Architects gives several stylistic directions in which it can be sustained.

Finishing A Wooden House Inside

The main advantage is the minimization of surface treatment per se. The nobility of natural wood is most effectively revealed in the cut, so it is not always advisable to mask it. If you want to play with color or change the texture, toning or color correction comes to the rescue. With their help, you can artificially age the surface; carry out zoning, choosing from a wide variety of palettes.

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In many respects, the style of the interior design of the log house also depends on the shade. Light colors are suitable for Provence. The brown palette is good when planning the interior design of a country-style wooden house. The cool palette of light shades corresponds to the Scandinavian trend in furniture fashion. No less popular is the version of the so-called hunting lodge. In this case, the tree appears in its pristine beauty, along with knots and natural irregularities. An English wooden house allows the use of other materials in the decoration, as the result is a restrained and sophisticated chic. In general, the interior design of a log house or a wooden house is characterized by several points:

  • The naturalness of the materials used;
  • lack of modern decoration;
  • Attention to decor that creates comfort and warmth.

This is far from an exhaustive list of options for what the interior design of a log house can be. Each country has its own characteristics and they can be embodied far beyond the area where the style was first invented.

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Wooden Interior Of A Country House

The combinatorial nature of all elements plays an important role in the finishing of a log house. Natural stone is an ideal companion for walls. He brings a touch of nobility and sophistication to the interior. It looks no less impressive when used to create fireplaces.

Wooden beams are welcome for the ceiling. For the interior of a classic log house, you can also stay on the lining. The flooring is predominantly wood based. It can be laminate, parquet, parquet board, and sometimes just polished and additionally processed boards. In some areas, such as the Mediterranean style, the flooring can be stone.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels


It is important to understand that the interior design of a house made of wood is not only about finishing materials. Correctly selected furniture helps to create the overall picture. The interior involves the use of semi-antique furniture. Coziness is brought into the room with the help of textiles. Cotton or linen curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths add comfort. A hunting chalet requires carpets or tapestries. Ammache Architects will help you determine your desires and make your dream project come true within a specific room.


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