6 Ways to Achieve a Luxurious Living Room 

Home truly is where the heart is, and curating a space that is a reflection of you and your family while remaining livable is important whether you’re in a modern condo or an 1800s farmhouse.

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Luxury is essential to you no matter what type of space you dwell in. Upgrading your living room to feel more luxurious can mean something other than a complete renovation and facelift; after all, who has time for that, let alone wants contractors in the house for months? Keep reading for small changes that can make all the difference in adding an opulent touch to your living room without sacrificing too much time and commitment. 

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Gold and Brass 

Gold and brass are the “gold” standard of home decor these days and for a good reason. They look beautiful with virtually every design style and color scheme. Whether you choose to invest in antique gold and brass sculptures or prefer a modern brass floor lamp, these pieces can be a game-changer when it comes to elevating your living space. 

Beautiful Wallpaper 

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Wallpaper may have fallen out of fashion with the masses, but it remained a mainstay in the homes of the wealthy for a reason – it’s gorgeous. These days there is no shortage of bold and modern wallpaper designs to choose from and hiring a skilled contractor to put your wallpaper up is a phone call away. If you want to update your color scheme more luxuriously and stay on trend, a quick online search will reveal trendy colors that are beloved by architects and interior designers. 

Elevated Lighting 

Updating the lighting in your living room is another way to bring brightness and the illusion of more space without investing too much time. Depending on your home’s decor style, you can invest in a new crystal chandelier for overhead lighting in a modern or more antique look or opt for a beautiful set of table lamps. Modern gold and brass floor lamps are always a winner when it comes to elevating and updating a space too. For cozier nights, brass candlesticks add a touch of elegance and warmth while you enjoy your favorite book

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Fine Art 

Whether you live in a modern minimalist home or are a fan of a cozy aesthetic, antique and fine art pieces always make a beautiful statement. Finding fine art for sale is easy through reputable online dealers and, if you’re lucky, local antique stores. Opting for a sizable piece may be a significant financial investment, but art is always a positive purchase. You’ll want to stick to art that compliments the color scheme of your home and, of course, a piece that you love and inspires you.

Add a Bar Cart 

You don’t even have to be a daily or moderate drinker to appreciate the beauty a bar cart can bring to a living room. Of course, who else you share the home with has to be considered for this addition, but if you’re comfortable with it, a liquor cart makes a beautiful living room accent. It instantly elevates and adds a touch of elegance to the space. The best part about bar carts is you decorate them with items you use, not clutter. Artfully display your favorite glasses and liquor bottles, and you’re ready to entertain at a moment’s notice!

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Clean Up Cords 

Another way to instantly boost the appearance of your living room is to make sure any electrical cords are out of sight and out of mind. While this isn’t a luxurious expenditure, there’s nothing classy about seeing jumbled cords throughout your living room. You can do this by rearranging your furniture to hide the cords or purchasing items specifically made to contain any cord cutter. The small difference can be a game changer in the perceived value of your living room.

Other ways to make your living room feel more decadent include:

  • Adding or subtracting furniture pieces.
  • Rearranging.
  • Decorating with the natural beauty of houseplants.
  • Adding a simple sculpture to the corner.

But, the above ways to upgrade your living room are a mere starting point; one or all of them can make a lasting difference and breathe new life into your home.


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